Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Really, Where Did January Go?

Ok, so that is the total truth ... where did January go? Here it is halfway through February and I can't account for January. Well, during January I shot 13 more episodes of Cooking for Real. The cool thing about this run of shows is we were planning them in the dead of winter, but they aren't planned to air until spring and early summertime. It was some good, light eating for heavy weather times. Nothin' like grillin' inside when the snow is falling.

There's plenty of fish and I even made a classic dish with lamb and some homemade jelly, why buy? That's a show I can taste right now, boy am I going to have to revisit that meal soon. The best part about it is my girl Fiona actually joined me on the show and helped make the meal. That's what we added to the shows this time around ... guests! Not on all of them, but I had three of my best girlfriends come on a show alone with me and help make something on the menu. We had a great time cooking together and I hope you enjoy the recipes and the stories. Here's Fiona and I after taping her appearance.

We usually meet over a meal in the city and actually we only meet over a meal, so it was just a total no-brainer to have her come hang on the show.

This is a flick I took from a monitor off stage while my girl Natina was hanging out between acts.

She was getting fixed because something spilled on her and then it was back to action! I've talked about her before on a previous Cooking for Real episode and she is my gurrrrrrrrrl. Like, I can't even explain. I've known her for years and we have so much in common and can talk for hours. She doesn't live in NYC so to have her come in to tape a show was such a huge treat. We grilled and I also made a really yummy fruit salad. I actually like the dressing the best. Kinda like when you want to drink the juice of something when you shouldn't? Every time I throw the dressing together I made for her on the show, I want to drink it. It is really that yummy if I do say so ... and simple. Can't wait for you to catch that show. I also had a close friend from high school on the show and will post some of those pictures when the show airs.

Right now, I'm in the thick of recipe planning for another 13 episodes! Yaaaaay! So, that is really the reason I've been so busy, I can't fit everything in and on top of that I'm heading off to Miami for the 2009 Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

If you have tickets, I can't wait to hopefully bump into you and say hi. If not, check here ... things are selling out fast!

Check back, if things don't overwhelm me this weekend I'll post some pics from the festivities.


Lana said...

I *always* prefer to cook with friends and family, rather than cooking alone. There's just something about the chitter chatter while working in the kitchen (... here, you chop these while I blanch those. Remember the time when we ....) that makes it all seem much less like "work" and much more like a social gathering or party. Add a bottle of wine and, well, it's way more like a party. *smiles*

I look forward to seeing the ep's with your friends.

Best of luck at the SOBE Fest! All the bloggers are all a-twitter about it, and it sounds like The Event of the year. Please do check back with us and let us know what you did there and how it went.

Safe travels! And again, thanks for sharing your thoughts and stories here!

The Duo Dishes said...

Is there someone who can sponsor us on a trip out to Miami??? We can ride in the baggage cabin if there aren't enough seats on the plane!

Complaint Department Manager said...

If you're this busy in this economy, that's sayin' somethin'.

Best event description:
"Cocktail Time with Sandra Lee"

I ain't touchin' that one...too easy, too easy.

Sunny Anderson said...

lana, funny cuz sometimes i like people in the kitchen and sometimes i like to be alone and in control. it was really neat with my girls on set, it almost didn't feel like work until i'd hear "CUT!" lol ... hope you like the shows. thanks for the luck down here in florida!

the duo dishes, teeheehee ... it wasn't even a full flight! times are tough when an airline adds peanuts back to the menu ....

complaint dept. mgr., right? lemme tell you busy isn't the word and really some is work, but some is just life stuff that needs to get done you know? and u r funny, i think that event is sold out! shooooot ... i'll prolly go and have a drink or two!

Walkertexas said...

Just watched the episode where you made fajitas with your friend from high school. I live in San Antonio near Nacogdoches Road and wondered where you went to high school, Was it Mac or Madison? It's always nice when someone recognizes our wonderful diverse cultural town! AND THE FOOD AIN'T TOO BAD EITHER!

Sunny Anderson said...

walkertexas, hey there TEXAN! well, i went to madison and so did my buddy on the show! my first job was on nacogdoches at the sonic, then i moved a few blocks down to the taco bell and then over to the little caesar's pizza. i used to shop at the heb on the corner of conner (i think that's the street) and nacogdoches and even sold my first piece of art next door at a craft shop. boy do i miss taco cabana, i know it's fast food ... but it is sooooo good. lol. did you ever get a chance to try lil hip's before it closed? too good. i miss my fave taco truck and good tamales. so glad you caught the show. i talk about san antonio plenty and miss it so much! thanks for watching and welcome to the blog!!