Friday, May 8, 2009

Irish Eyes Smilin'

Hey there! 
On tomorrow's newest Cooking for Real, you'll see the episode I told you about back in January when I taped it. It features one of my favorite chicks in NYC, my girl Fiona.
That's us during taping. We have been buddies since we met working the red carpet as reporters years ago. Well, really it was the black carpet because it was Jay Z's Fade to Black movie premiere, either way there was a carpet. We didn't walk on it, we reported on the people walking on it :-). I was in radio and she was in print. Since that night we've been buddies and see each other only over a plate of food. She's from Ireland and works here with just a few visits back home. That was perfect for this show because I wanted to make something from home and then make a couple of other things for her as well. She's just so sweet and cute and she's been there for me during the tough and the sweet times. Like Dionne Warwick sez, that's what friends are for. Here's our menu tomorrow ...
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Hope you like the show!!!! Thanks Fiona! What a trip we have both had huh? Love ya bunches!


The Duo Dishes said...

OMG, you just gotta get some pics up of that Irish cream dream. You just gotta! That sounds like you have to make a pan for each guest cause you'll want to eat the whole thing. Great recipes!

Sunny Anderson said...

the duo dishes, i see you are a mind taster like me! yeah, it is gooooood. it melts fast though! i think if you really wanna hold it to eat, it's a 2 day hard freeze. i dreamt of this recipe, had a fussy fruit dessert with some ginger snaps crumbled on the plate like a garnish ... the garnish was the best part. so i just decided to do a ginger snap-heavy dessert. you gotta try it, it reall is yummy. very baaaaaaaad as my dad would say.

Jessica said...

Hey Sunny! I'm 12 and I LOVVVVEEE your show! I live in the ahmazing city of Boston, MA. (Go Sox!)Anyway, I just wanted to say that your show is awesome, so keep it up!

ken said...

hello you...

happy mother-day....kiss grandmom for me...i'm loving the new shows....i think i should in line to make an appearance on the show....what do you homie...our episode should be call....quick and fast food at home...ok have your people call my peeps-(check your email for my contact info) -....ken aka prep-cook

Sunny Anderson said...

jessica! thanks so much, i love a young foodie, cuz that's who i was and still feel i'm a bit young lol. boston is great! had some yummy food there and in cambridge. lucky gall i bet you love shellfish and seafood too huh? hope you had fun doing something for your mom on mother's day! welcome to the blog!

ken, you are funny! look if i could have someone guest to take the pressure off me more, i would. we only did 3 this time around just to see if i could handle it. it looks easy, but it's not. plenty of choreography of moves so the camera doesn't block, plenty of need to have casual conversation while the cams a rolling, but in the end ... watching it i feel so good about my girls and what we've done together. truly great memories we can add the others we built together!

The Pew View said...

Of course I saw the show...loved it. How amazing was that mint jelly? So, we did the 7-day health challenge last week - we made our own fruit compote...I did the same thing w/the pectin in the apple to make the berry compote and the tropical compote. Loved it!

Braised fennel. Fennel is horrible raw - but cooked, and it's like the 8th wonder of the world. Great show and loved the flavors!

We're talking about you again tonight on the radio show. You know, we've gotta figure out a way to get you on the radio show. Who do I contact?

Sunny Anderson said...

the pew view, yaaaay! is this dtdub? or his peeps? no problem on doing the radio show, just have dtdub email me and i'll set it up. no big web of clearances :-). i'm growing fennel in my garden now hoping it turns out because as it stands, the crop i least like to cook with is flourishing ... radishes lol! ironic garden humor, people should really try the jelly, it is amazing to make at home and very easy ... neat project for kids and no chemicals needed, just an apple and it's pectin!