Saturday, January 2, 2010

Can You See Me Now?

Well, if you are in the Tri-State area and you have Cablevision ... you may not be able to... see Food Network, that is. Have you checked for Food Network on your box? Check HGTV as well. Both channels are now dark for Cablevision subscribers and just in case you wanted to know why ... I have some details.

Let me see if I can make it easy to understand. Basically cable providers pay a fee for distribution rights of cable television signals. These rates are based on so much, but one of the factors is ratings. These fees among others are what we the consumer end up paying for on our cable bill. Food Network has one of the lowest distribution rights fees, but out performs some of the networks with higher fees. So, a network say with less viewers than us, is charging more for access and all Food Network is looking for is an increase. This increase is pennies and from what I understand, it still doesn't bring the network equal with the pack. Just know that Food Network is asking for in an increase, just as Fox did in the previous weeks. Did you catch any of that press?

Well, the way it affects you if you have Cablevision is this ... you can't get Food Network or HGTV now. You are also now paying for channels that you don't get anymore and chances are you are paying for channels you don't even watch. If you are a foodie like me, when you signed up for cable ... Food Network was a must. I'm not just saying it because I work there.

If you happen to be affected by the negotiations you can have your voice heard in two ways ... or click the logo ...
(There are more in depth details there and helpful links)

or call

(Ask for them to give you your Food Network back!) :-)

I actually called a similar number for Fox television last week as a consumer, who knew I'd be making another call just a few days later for my own stomping grounds? Spread the news to your fellow foodies about this. As it stands, it only affects Cablevision viewers in the Tri-State area, but if you are not in that area, you are still affected in so many ways. Check the website or place the quick call. It all counts.


Lana said...

Talk about a rock and a hard place! I've been following the story since it broke on NYE.

I have to credit FN for NOT encouraging their viewers to switch cable providers (altho, we all know many, many will). One only can hope that the ph calls and eCards will make a difference.

Side topic: do you remember quite some time ago, my daughter made your red velvet cake? (yummy, btw) Well, you'll never guess what she attempted for Christmas - none other than the cake on the December cover of Bon Appetit mag (for the 2nd year in a row). Lordy, that girl has ambition! LOL. She did a bang up job.

My point is, FN (and you in particular) have an empowering influence on young people; we watch TV together and take it into the kitchen. The memories we make there are life-long and priceless, not to mention the value I place on the skill set she's developing.

I don't live in the Tri-State area, but for the sake of those who do, I hope that Scripps and cable providers can come to an amicable agreement. Soon.

Sunny Anderson said...

lana, i agree, seems like my bosses are doing a good job of fighting for what they want without making a mess for viewers. i'd hate to be someone in the area where we got cut. like i said, even before i was on, this network was a big part of my life. i do remember your daughter trying the r.velvet cake! what a great example of what these outlets (tv, mags, etc) can do to enhance a living experience. did you know espn get $3+ in fees from every bill but food network only .08 cents!? not that i don't like sports news, but i'd pay more for us and less for them if you asked me to. and fn only wants pennies more, so we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Happy New Year!:) Keep up the great work! Oh and the RR tracks..spooooky! I remember..I wasn't scared though...was I?;)


Sue said...

Hey Sunny,
It's the viewers who are getting the short end of the stick. I agree that sending emails and calling is a great thing, but apparently Cablevision is no longer accepting emails from non-Cablevision customers.

If I had Cablevision, I think I would have already gotten Direct TV. To miss YOU AND HOUSE HUNTERS?!! I don't think I could survive.

Non-Cablevision subscribers should invite their Cablevision friends to watch with them.

Jay said...

What an awful thing to do. Taking away ones Food Network. I would absolutely die. Even though I'm not affected I'm gonna spread the word. The world needs its 24/7 food channel. Heres to us getting it back on air for everyone :-)

PS. Made the peanut butter pancakes for new years day breakfast. Yea, I cannot start loving these (but its oh-so-hard). My resolution is to lose a few lbs,not gain them...LOL. Fantastic recipe...thanx, as always.

Mary said...

What a mess! Thankfully I am not affected - this time. Kudos to you for spreading the word on what to do. So many times we feel held captive by this kind of silliness.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

This is Vicki in NJ again and I AM effected by this and I am pretty pissed! I didn't even know it was an issue until my channel went out - literally at midnight. Yes - New Years Eve - I was at home, NOT watching the ball drop - watching the FOOD NETWORK! Catching up on the NFNS marathon even though I already knew a long time ago that Melissa d'Arabian won it. I didn't even know this was an issue - I didn't hear anything about it like I did with Fox and Time Warner Cable!!

I'm bummed. I LOVE a LOT of shows on FoodNetwork - and thank you Sunny for providing that info. You can bet I'm going to be calling and making my feeling known. Where I am - I don't have another cable company option, I'd have to switch to satellite - which I don't want because I have a nice package deal (internet,phone cable). I was seriously looking forward to Anne Burrell's new show about the worst cooks in America. Dang!! I am not happy.

Anonymous said...

The last couple weeks out where I am it's been all about Fox and Time Warner fighting over fees. Apparently they came to some kind of agreement, or we Time Warner cable customers would have lost all kinds of Fox programming. I had no idea this was going on in different areas with different networks and cable companies. I wish the stuff I watch was available the good old-fashioned and FREE rabbit-ears way.

Sunny Anderson said...

cg, happy new year back atcha. fyi, in foodie world "RR" means rachael ray ... not "rail road" lol ... for a second i was confused. and yes, you were spooked. i know i was ... like honestly, someone has to check that out. lol. ahhh those were the days. u in s.a. still?

sue, yeah, ita ... i think an agreement was reached. i was set to do press about it monday and the press junket got cancelled, so i think that means good news. and omg, i like house hunters too! i never agree with the one they choose though. a good marathon on hgtv is what weekends are made of!

jay, yeah, i don't know how i would feel if i had it at 1159 and then not a minute later. glad you liked the pb and j pancakes!!! they are my guy's fave and i make them alot!!! i often do the shortcut of jelly and syrup melted together and wait for summer time to make the syrup from fresh fruit. good luck on the resolution!

mary, i know. luck you, huh? i decided to spread the word after i got an internal email about it ... i'm thinking, people need to know. now that i am more educated about it, i'm annoyed certain channels i never watch get a premium fee ... i think we are about 5-10 years away from complete ala carte cable svc. i'd have about 15-20 stations ... the rest are fluff.

vicki, hey! i think you may have food network now ... looks like the figured it out. i'll get the details and post em either in comments or on the blog. so sorry you had the marathon messed up by contract stuff. you are like me, i'll watch the marathon of america's next top model even if i know who won ... i need details!!! glad you called, all of the emails, calls and such add up and it looks like in the end it worked! thanks!

tiklish, i know right? i mean i knew months ago that fn was working on a new deal, but recently didn't know it was in jeopardy of blowing up. when i got the word i thought, oh ... we are affected! lol ... i think diff companies have diff deals that expire at certain times. so this year was our turn. i've seen these things happen in the past and this is the first it hit so close to home. just glad it was settled. rabbit ears ... wow, imagine, another thing the next generation will know nothing about. crazy.

Lys said...

I think I really need to send Comcast a "Thank You Note" for keeping FN and HGTV "On The Air"

If you get wind of any drama with Comcast, can you please let a gal know?

Happy New Year Sunny!

Reyna said...

I can't imagine myself without Food Network that is the only channel on my TV! Glad to read the situation is getting fixed and I find it crazy to cancel a network on pennies. Glad foodies stood up for FN =)

BTW, I am so down for a bloggers lunch at SOBE F&W fest. Are you going to be at "Guys Over Miami Party" too????

Miami is waiting for you!

Rich'n'Rach said...

bummer! i don't even live in the tri-state area, but i'm going to click the link to help all you guys out! i would be so sad if it was my foodnetwork being blacked out!

All Things Yummy said...

I'm so excited you have a blog. I love your show and I'm very thankful it hasn't been cut from my cable.

Sunny Anderson said...

lys, ita .... i thought things were fixed, but looks like we are almost a week now without fn on cablevision. so crazy. i'll be on fox 5 here in nyc to cook and i bet they are gonna ask me about this ...

reyna, i know ... me too. i can't do without hgtv or fn ... both great for similar reasons ... i'm a homechick. love to cook and love to nest. i dunno ... they'll figure it out soon hopefully. ok, i'll put the call out for a blogger mtg for sobe. should be fun. i'm surely going to guy's party, wouldn't miss it!

rich'n'rach, thanks for clickin!!

all things yummy, so glad you found it!! i'm here plenty, just hangin out with foodies and sharing stories and pics. thanks so much for watching and thanks for the support as well!