Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Catch Me On Good Day NY on Fox 5 in NYC!

Hey there! I'll be cooking and chatting away on Good Day NY tomorrow (Thursday) morning. I'd tell you what I'm making, but I don't know yet. I made suggestions and now all of the planning people are mulling it over. Hopefully it's a big bowl of chili, I have two official recipes available and the weather up here calls for it. I can't wait to meet the Good Day NY team, they are hilarious and informative. It's my first stop in the morning for news because it's local and the 9A.M. hour is fun to watch.

If you are in the Tri-State area, hope you catch it. If not, you can still catch it on the Good Day NY Live Stream. Speaking of, I'm sure our issues with Cablevision will come up while I'm cooking, so that will be nice to chat about. How neat is it that I was just calling Time Warner Cable to make sure they kept Fox 5 last week and now this week, I'll be on to chat with them about Food Network and Cablevision? Irony is never lost on me. I know some of you are feeling the pinch of not seeing your regular faves, I met a woman yesterday and it was the first thing she talked to me about ... how she missed Food Network on her cable. She actually had the ILoveFoodNetwork website information, but I gave her the number to call as well. It's listed in the blog post below if you'd like to call. I've learned so much more since the debate began. Like, did you know these contracts are for 10 years? That means the rate we were given is 10 years old and to negotiate for a higher rate and lock it in for another 10 years, would cause anyone to pause and make sure it's a deal you can live with.

Ok, I'm off to the dentist and hopefully sometime today I'll learn what I'm cooking tomorrow morning for the team and I'll post the recipe links when I get them.

UPDATE ... so not 10 minutes after I post this I see Good Day NY hosts Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly announce that not only will I be on in the morning, but I'll have a chicken recipe to share. So, I guess someone knows what I'm making tomorrow. Teeheehee ... hope you catch it!


kellyg said...

Have a great show Sunny! I am going to watch on the stream, seeing as I am in LA. Always love seeing you cook and hearing your tips and tricks.

Sunny Anderson said...

kellyg, yaaaaaay! that's an early wakeup ... looks like the segment will be around 920AM ... do the math and make some coffee! if you miss it, i'll see if they put a link up. fyi, greg and rosanna are like jillian and that morning team in l.a. ... very relaxed in the last hour and plenty of personality and humor. if you ever want to know what a tough as nails smart ny woman sounds like ... it's rosanna scotto. hope you like!

kellyg said...

the best part is I can watch from my laptop (ie still in bed)! my man will probably laugh, but he's used to me watching all your shows. ha!

my man also appreciated the hug from a fellow vet btw (i commented on an earlier post but didn't have my profile linked up) best of luck tomorrow!

Darius T. Williams said...

Happy New Year You - be sure to post the link to the video!

Speaking of video, I have my first one ready for my blog for 2010. I'll post it at on 1/12 - I'll shoot out an e-mail over the weekend to folks!

Cathy said...

Sunny! I am a Cablevision customer and I miss you and FoodNetwork desperately! Hope everything gets resolved soon. In any case, keep up the good work girl :)

Sunny Anderson said...

kellyg, i'm a hulu watcher sometimes, i totally get it! tell your hubby to return the hug cuz your a foodie cookin for her man!

dtdub, i'm posting in a sec and can't wait to see yours!

cathy, :-( ... it'll comeback when the execs all get on the same page, in the meantime we are airing a second showing of iron chef on cw11 this wknd! i'll post the details!