Friday, January 8, 2010

Fox was Fun & BTW and Didja Know ...

Hey all! Well, when you wake up daily to a routine and one morning find out you are going to be a part of that routine, it's pretty cool. Yesterday, I did just that and joined the Good Day NY team here at Fox 5 for a cooking segment on air. Sometime early last year my guy got me interested in this morning cast because he knows I like local news, I have watched them ever since, so it was pretty neat meeting everyone.

Here's a look at the segment. While I was getting ready at home I was watching and saw that co-host Greg Kelly was a bit under the weather. Having been through it recently, I packed a little get well soon bag and brought it to him at the station. It had an Air Force coffee mug, 2 green tea packets, 2 ginger tea packets, creamed honey, a plastic spoon and the one thing that got most of the attention ... Courvoisier!

Rosanna was sooooooooooo nice! I gotta tell you, I was really excited to meet them all and can't believe I didn't get a picture with her and Greg. There's always hopefully next time. When the segment was over I headed into the hallway and caught a picture with my favorite goofy weather man, and I say goofy with respect!
That's Mike Woods on the left and on the right is Addison, a meteorologist and aspiring on-camera weatherman. Mike Woods is like me, a broadcaster that moved around a bit until he made it to NYC. I can't stress how hard that is from actually doing it myself, my hats off to him! Matter of fact, if you Twitter, you should follow him, he also posted a picture of us on his site, tell him I said hi and had tons of fun. I'd hang out with him in the Good Day Cafe any morning!

Next, I met the ladies of Pepa's new show and we took a blurry pic :-) ...
That's Kittie, Joumana, Me, Pep, and Jacque Reid. Read more about them here and catch the premiere of Let's Talk About Pep, Monday @1030PM on VH1. Silly note, I actually ran in to Jacque Reid earlier in the week, we have the same dentist!

After this, we all headed down to tape the after show that airs online. As I walked through the newsroom it was neat to see the staff digging into what was left of my food from the cooking segment. Here are the links to the recipes ...
Apple Cider Chicken - great if you are doing the lean meat resolution :-)
Parmesan Herbed Orzo - try wheat orzo and like I said in the video this is great hot or cold, take it to the next level with artichokes and black olives.
Sauteed Broccoli and Almonds - it's so easy it doesn't even seem like it needs to be a recipe. Totally spritz it with lemon if you want.

And here's the web show called Good Day NY Live Online ... you have to do some work to see it. Click the On Demand button in the video border and even though it's January 2010, look in the December 2009 category and click on Thursday Jan 7. It should pop up. It's a bit longer and relaxed ... but the host Kathy starts the show around the :28 minute mark. Pep and her girls are around the :31 minute mark and I start around the :40 minute mark. Enjoy the clickin'!

Catch me on the season premiere of Best Thing I Ever Ate - Hometown Favorites, tonight on Food Network at 10PM. Many people ask me where I'm from and I never have a good answer. It's because I grew up in the military and moved around so much, I don't really have a place to say. I guess the real answer is the places that were constants and those were the cities my grandparents are from and where I went to high school. We always visited my grandparents during the summer. So, the place I feature tonight is close to my heart and I fell in love with it because every time we went to my dad's home of South Carolina, it was the book end of the trip. We hit this restaurant on the day heading in and the day heading out of town and it always seemed like we'd never left. My dad is on a first name basis with the ladies that cook there and from what I understand they may not get full air time tonight, but let me tell you if, you ever go ... the kitchen is the best kitchen around and I'm not talking about the amazing food. I'm talking heart. Ok, other than that ... if you want to see me not so happy and cry a bit, I remember being brought to tears during this interview, I don't know if they will use the footage, but that should let you know how yummy this food is. It's in my heart ...


Didja know ...
On my days off from taping I develop recipes, play video games, grocery shop, run errands and between braising and frying, sometimes I answer some questions. Take a look at some recent interviews.

Ok, don't forget tonight at 10PM!!


tamilyn said...

What a cool new gig! Sounds like you will be busy.

The place I work has been featured 3 times now on, oh shoot, the show Marc Summer (Sumner?) host....I can picture the intro. Well, you know what I mean. It is cool to see things that we make on air.

I'll have to check you out on-line since I'm smack dab in the middle of the country :-)

Mary said...

Let's see... First, we've talked about that crying/food thing so I so totally get that! Second, got BTIEA Tivo'd for tonite, thanks! Also, thanks for posting that cider chicken link. That's been on my list and I finally got some cider. (Now, do I have some chicken LOL...) Oh and thanks for sharing those interview links with us, you know I'll be checking them all out. And what else... oh yeah... you play video games??? (I'm far too uncoordinated to do that apparently) Amazing!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Oh. There was ONE more thing. You look MARVELOUS! :)

Lys said...

I just watched the Best Things interview and it was definitely quite touching. I hear ya with the food memories - they can get quite emotional - I feel the same way about my Bampa's cooking. Sometimes the best places are those that you just never expect.

Wait - you have time off? It seems like you are always a busy bee :)

Lana said...

Yup, saw you on "The Best Thing." I really, really like that show, which kind of surprised me. The let-me-tell-you-about-this-place kind of programming usually doesn't work for me. I mean, how frustrating to know there's this GREAT place 1000 miles away from me, where I'll probably never get to eat! But the editing, directing, humor, kitschy little effects etc. in that show reels me in. You did a great job.

Being brought to tears over food? Well, it wasn't just the food, was it? The familial memories, associations ... smells and tastes often trigger strong emotional memories. For me, it's the smell of a freshly mowed alfalfa field - summers at grandma's ranch. And bananas make me think of my late father. *big sigh*

Good show; great job.

Dolphinfanhg said...

Sunny, just watched the best thing I ever ate episode from Friday night...and that hash looks fantastic! I love that the son makes it! And don't worry, you are NOT the only one who cries over food! Food is very emotional for me too. xoxo

studio.delucca said...

that's a great interview, Sunny! (media bistro)

I love your show & your philosophy -- and I just discovered your blog... I was reading through a few past posts & saw the one where you went for a drive-thru burrito while you were in LA & got teared up.

I just wanted to share with you that you are NOT the only one, girl! Food is so evocative & can serve as such a reminder... of past experiences, comforts, or sometimes it can just touch our underlying emotions.

One of my favorite meals is Shrimp Risotto form a little local restaurant in Long Beach CA, called Vino y Cucina. I'm not a big fan of going out for Italian -- but this place is special. Run by a family from Rome, they use traditional & family recipes.

The first time I ordered the dish -- just the aroma was transformative. I put a bite in my mouth and *immediately* tears sprang to my eyes. My husband was looking at me like "WHAT is the matter?" so I had to explain to him that the dish was so amazing that it brought tears to my eyes.

thanks for being so amazing! I will continue to read your blog.

xo - khobe

Sunny Anderson said...

tamilyn, sounds like unwrapped ... love that show, the factory scenes are mesmerizing!

mary, i know, i know ... but don't you think there are people out there that think crying over food is a lil much? i mean, as i cry ... i'm thinkin, omg why am i crying? but i can't stop. only a few foods do that though. and yes, i play video games ... alllll the time! ps3 and now i have a wii, that thing is a workout!

lys, glad you caught it. my mouth was watering when i watched and i could actually taste it ... miss my hash so much! have fun with the cider and chicken! and sure, i have plenty of time off. when i'm not taping i consider it time off, and i only tape a few times a a year. other than that, i plan my days around writing more recipes for more shows and stuff, but some days ... i have nothing planned. probably why my peers find other things to interest themselves like businesses and products. i don't think people do it for money, but they do it so their mind isn't idle ... i get bored easily! so maybe this year, i'll pick up something else to fill the days off

lana, i like the show too. ita about places i will most likely never go .... but there is a teeny part of me that says if i'm ever in the area at least i know a place to visit. i like to travel, so you never know! and u are right, it's so much more than the food. at the taco stand it was the aroma and the moment ... knowing that just a few short years ago, i was broke, heart broken and struggling to land a dream when i visited this stand between business meetings for my future and a trip home to the burbs where my soon to be past relationship was falling apart. it was a tough time and i made it through with optimism, smiles and food for escapism. that right there will make me cry right now. :-) ... so i know how you feel with the banana peel too, i have that with vinegar based bbq sauce and my grand dad ... so many food stuff. so happy to get some of it off my chest on the show ...

dolphinfanhq, yeah, the hash is something else! it was nice to see the machinery in the kitchen! glad i'm not the only cryin foodie!!!

studio.delucca, thanks for clickin the link! i do plenty of interviews and can find a few errors in each, but they never really mess with the story. just and fyi on that, some of the dates are amiss ... but the gist of it is still the same. glad you found the blog!!! thanks so much for the story about the risotto, u are not alone :-) .... the more i share, the more i realize we foodies need a support group, eh? thanks for all the love and sharing guys n gals!!

Jen said...

Those recipes look wonderful!!

What system do you play video games on?

Sunny Anderson said...

jen, thanks! i usually play on my ps3. i have a nintendo ds and i just got a wii for christmas. i enjoy call of duty, god of war 1&2, tom clancy's vegas and all versions of need for speed. on the wii, i've just begun, so far so good. like the tennis and baseball. really like cook or be cooked. it's management of cooking time. pretty fun, reminds me of diner dash online. what about you?

Jojo said...

Hey Sunny - another successful interview for you - well done - and of course you look great!

I read your links, busy girl ;-) - I like your style. You'll go far because you put your heart and soul into each plate.

I'm a gamer too - what else do I have to do while my oxtails are cooking?? LOL

Jenn Karlman said...

Hey Sunny! Love your blog-I discovered it after reading mediabistro blog -I too am a former news girl who loves cooking. i''ve started a blog and would love to have my own show one day too! you are an inspiration... Can you give me any suggestions on how to get noticed?? My blog is certainly not as advanced as yours--but I'd appreciate your insight if you have time...

Thanks and keep up the great cookin sister!


Darius T. Williams said...

Between your times of braising and frying...boy, do I love a good braise - lol!

Loved seeing u on the news channel doing your thing.

Big Ups Homie!!!

Complaint Department Manager said...

Hey, Sunny! I'm not into video games as much as I used to, but I do have a few you may want to check out. Alien Shooter and Zombie Shooter. I'll admit, they are a bit addictive and challenging, so much so that I got A.S.2 and Z.S.2. Great way to kill a few days.

Sorry I haven't been around, still driving my advisor crazy with picking up another major. If I play my cards right and time it just right, I'll walk across the stage with 3 degrees.

Eric said...

LOL its cool to see women who are gamers as well. Need For Speed is one of my favorite series too . If you had Xbox I'd soooo invite you to race me :) I'm thinking about getting a Wii just for that new Punch Out they have on there.

Nicole said...

Thanks for all the links! They were great reads. It was nice to see that Food Network donates so much food.

Oh I have a wii too and just got Order Up, just another silly cooking game; it's fun though. Have you tried the Food Network Game?

Tara said...

Hi Sunny,

I'm actually sitting here watching you cook street food (the episode with the potato, chicken and peppers balls...yum!)

I have a non-food related question. Where do you shop? My friend is struggling to find her style and I told her to look to you. You always look cute and your hoodies are legendary. :)


Sunny Anderson said...

jojo, thanks ... they must be hard to edit because i am one long run-on sentence many times. lol. glad you read it! and i loooooovvve oxtails!! that's a good idea, one last big pot before spring hits ...

jenn, welcome to the blog!!! yaaaay news girls!! i don't know how to get noticed. it's kinda like when you put on a regular outfit and that day you get tons of compliments and you don't know what you did ... i say, just be yourself. obv, you should market yourself, but it takes so long to figure out just who you are and stuff. hmm, this is a hard question. i just think as long as everyday you make a move towards your goal and don't take a day off ... you'll be plenty closer than the rest. i think that separates people, the work. sure, many people can do what i do you what you do for that matter, it's the work ethic that can really put you ahead. not many are willing to bet everything or give up everything or go broke ... so in that manner, not everyone can get to the dream, but if you are willing to ride the rollercoaster and go around blind corners in life, you can do it! every path is different. much success and keep in touch!

dtdub, heyyyyy. happy new year, blogwise :-)

complaint dept. mgr., well well well ... lookie at two of my fave online ppl, commenting back to back! how you been man? happy new year! those videos you mentioned are probably old and vintage, but do you remember "zork" ????? lol and go 'head with your 3 degrees!!! i have a friend in prison getting a degree and as a university drop out, i feel a bit jealous she has the time to get it! but i don't want to go to prison. so ... not so jealous.

eric, i just finished playing the challenge of the gods phase on god of war for like 2 hours ... ok, maybe 3 or 4. and son, for real ... no joke, you are lucky i don't have an xbox, i'd tear you up!!! i'm not braggin, i think i just have a skill lol ...btw, the wii is fun. i was sweating on the first day, so i like it. they have a sports pkg that comes with it and the boxing is fun, but i think you are talking about something different ... which is good cuz the graphics are horrible on the game that comes with the system. as usual ...

nicole, glad you read them ... i figured it would take up plenty of time for someone looking to pass it lol. speaking of the wii ... is order up like diner dash online?? i love diner dash. i do have the cook or be cooked game, it reminds me of diner dash because it's all about time management and multi-tasking. pretty good ... there are recipes embedded in the game too, pretty cute.

tara, ok, this is the truth ... i have no style. when you see me on the show, it's a stylist that picks that stuff, but i love it all. i'm going to interview her for my blog soon because i get plenty of questions. i will say i do lucky brand hoodies, lrg hoodies, and i'm really starting to like kid robot hoodies. those things ... are me. the other tops and stuff are the stylist, but she asks what colors i like and i always get to pick from several things. the jeans are joe's jeans or andy brand that will fit lol ... on a good day i'm a 12 on a bad day a 14 ... so i usually do and just search under size. hope that helps ...i like, elietahari and dvf because they fit chicks with curves ...

Jen said...

We are a Sony family and we have a PS3 too! We also have a PSP. My fiancĂ© plays Rainbox Six Vegas 2! I just like to watch  He has Call of Duty too! I am more into the games like Diner Dash (I bought it off PSN!), Rock Band, Hot Shots Golf, Wheel of Fortune, Afrika, Bejeweled, Scene It! Movies, etc.

Have you checked out the game coming out called ModNation Racers?? It looks pretty cool. We downloaded the demo from the Europe store yesterday. It comes out in a few months!

My PSN is WETWHISTLE – send me a message sometime! 

I love Cake Mania for the Wii (and PSP)!! I’ll have to check out Cook or be Cooked.

Sunny Anderson said...

jen, yeah rainbow 6 vegas was fun. it's really a fun adventure. the junkyard scene with all the old vegas signs was a neat fight scene and i liked the mall/office space fight towards the end. you should play 2player! it's fun!!! call of duty is fun and i love diner dash. it's just clicking and more clicking and omg, these people are mad they want to be seated! lol. i haven't seen the game you mentioned, but i read game enforcer and i'll look for it. i'm gonna get cake mania for wii and check it out. thanks for the tip!