Saturday, January 30, 2010

Game Day Eats!

Hey, so I told you about this a couple of weeks ago, but right now it's really timely. Guy Fieri and I have some game day stuff for you over on Food Network's website. But before I give you links, I thought I'd give you what you came for ... some behind the scenes.

Usually, before I go to work, the company that is producing the segment or show sends an email with all of the details of the work day on it. It has the address, numbers and information for the places and the people involved with the shoot. Sometimes it's called a "Call Sheet" and on this particular one, a familiar name popped up, in an unfamiliar capacity ...
See who that is? It's Noah Starr, former computer dude over at Ask Aida and sometime host of the FN Dish. Anyway, look at him wielding the camera! He helped produce and shoot the videos along with a full team of cool folks. I enjoyed working with him and we have plans to work together again in the future. Just thought I'd show you how multi talented he is.

Check for the videos we shot, some are goofy, but there are actual recipes and tips along the way. We were just trying to provide a smile with some great game day tips. Ok, check the Big Game page and enjoy some great ideas and recipes from Guy Fieri and I chime in with some stuff as well. I have a Big Game Bash page with recipes and party tips and Guy has a Tailgate Party theme. A lil somethin' for everybody! Remember, I'm all about keeping it easy, so if you have a party planned and need help in the area of ease ... take a look. And Guy is someone that knows how to throw a party, so grill masters and more should check out his page as well. Think about shopping now and prepping, I have some helpful hints for the week before, so this is the perfect time to start planning. Until then ... here's me with my easiest pizza on set.


t2ed said...

That looks suspiciously like a Giants jersey you're sporting. So, my condolences. But I'm a Lions fan so have nothing to boast about.

The pizza looks very good. And chili is always a good call for game day. I lean towards a brisket as it seems like you did a lot of work when you really didn't.

But I thought the key to a good Stupor Bowl party was lots of beer as the game usually stinks.

tamilyn said...

I can't get your link to open up; I'll have to try just going to FN and looking around.

My hubs just walked by and said "No way! Sunny D has a blog too?" That's what he calls you everytime you come on in the afternoon when he is home. You (and Guy) are the only one's he'll sit down to watch!

Dolphinfanhg said...

Hey thanks for the update on Noah Sunny! I was wondering what happened to his cute face! ;)
OK, gotta go check on those tailgating recipes, before I head out to the ProBowl!

Sunny Anderson said...

t2ed, ahem it er ummm is uhhhh yesss ahem a giants jersey. i'm a fan. i had to cover the brand due to licensing legal stuff. funny thing is, when i lived in detroit, i was a detroit lions fan, even dated one of em. he's with the steelers now though. other than that, i loved the cowboys when i was in tx ... so as you can see, i go with the flow of residency :-). as for the pizza, it's the easiest pizza recipe ever with maximum benefits. good for guests and for yourself on a weeknight. brisket works too, can i get an invitation to your party!? and you are right, cerveza is the key to a good party, plus plenty of ice, or a fridge cleared out just for the beers!

tamilyn, just go to ... and you'll see it all there :-). tell your hubby i said my friends in high school used to call me sunny d! they'd say that one day i was gonna work for them lol. plus, i'm thankful i pass the happy couch test in your house, it's good when both parties want to watch. i totally appreciate the dual support. ok, hope you have a good game day party!!

dolphinfanhg, no prob ... i'll pass on the compliment the next time we chat ;-) . i just left miami, it was pretty empty for a probowl weekend. maybe everyone is bracing for next week? hppe you had fun!!!

The Duo Dishes said...

You and Guy are funny together! Saw you at his show here in LA, and you were great on stage.

Jen said...

That pizza looks so good and so simple!

I also caught your article in the magazine Clean Eating - loved it!

Jason said...

Sunny! I must say that I am thrilled to have found your blog. As some of the previous blog-followers have mentioned, it is AWESOME to get a view behind the scenes. I don't know HOW Food Network has not explored this idea further with TV shows.

I always watch your shows and get ideas (I'm a bit picky so I usually have to alter the FN recipes a bit to fit my tastes). It's gotten to the point where my girlfriend is ready to block FN on the TV - lol. We enjoy it together, but I'm always saying "I was watching FN earlier and saw...." and I think she's a little jealous that I've taken charge of the kitchen.

Anyway, keep up the great work. We really enjoy watching you - there's never been an episode that there wasn't at least ONE thing we were interested in. Have a great day! Looking forward to the new shows!

Sunny Anderson said...

the duo dishes, i still am so annoyed i missed u guys at the roadshow! i'll be back in l.a. this week for a taping, let me see if i can swing something for you, check back on weds. glad you had fun! guys is a cool dude and easy to work with!

jen, thanks! it is, pretty fast, i mean the shortcuts are all over, but it's still better than delivery. so you are the person that gets that mag! i've looked everywhere for it, but only find the stuff online. glad you caught it!

jason, so glad you found it too! i'm just over here sharing away! glad you find me on tv and online! tell your wife i totally understand her, if my guy all of a sudden wanted to get in the kitchen, i'd feel a bit of ownership, but eventually give in. i did just that when he made me some bfast in bed, it was yummy and i deemed him the bfast cook now when i'm too tired. you've got good problems though, some guys wish they had a woman that felt ownership in the kitchen! go girl!! and jason, thanks again ... means so much that you guys watch and find interesting stuff in every show. your opinion is important, i hope you guys stick around and help me continue the dream.

Jen said...

Yes, I subscribe to Clean Eating - cool mag!

If you still can't find it and need me to pick up a copy of Clean Eating and send it out to you, let me know!

Sunny Anderson said...

jen, if you can scan the interview and email it, that would be cool ... i'm compiling all of that sort of stuff so when i get my website up and running with more depth than just links, i can have a press and media page. send me your email and i'll send you mine :-).