Saturday, February 27, 2010

SoBe it! 2010 - NBC, Tents, Bubbles & Q!

Hey there! It was day two of my time down here at the SoBe Food and Wine Festival and I woke up early to get ready for an appearance at the local NBC station here in Miami. The building is a bit of a ride from South Beach, but the complex is huge. Take a look at the news room ... this is only a teeny portion.
We walked past this bank of cubicles and newsroom activity then hung a right to reveal a pretty huge set for a news station. I immediately walked over to the weather green screen and did my best Mike Woods impersonation.
Mike Woods is my local weather guy in NYC and this whole week I've sung his praises to everyone that asked how I got down here without a hitch, considering the weather. My response? "Mike Woods told me the snow wasn't going to hit until mid morning, so I took the first flight out!". I always like the first flight out anyway because if it gets canceled, I have a full day to work with. If you follow Mike Woods on his twitter page, please, tweet him and tell him thanks for the good weather report and I'm trying out for his job in that picture! He'll know I'm joking.

Then over in the corner there was a group of gals hanging out and I just haaaaaaaad to get a picture! They have a stage show that is in town right now and besides being hilarious and great in-character actors, they really had the nuances of each character in the popular sitcom ... have you guessed it yet?
Yes, the Golden Girls! These ladies call themselves "The Golden Gays" ... hilarious and I love it! The show I was on started at 11am, but I wasn't on live until 1140ish. So, before we went live I stopped to take a picture with my on-set culinary team, Bianca and Nathan. Cool thing is we worked together last year at the festival aaaaaaand they aren't just a working team, but a team in life ... for 7 years. Cute!
Next thing you know it was go-time! Here I am talking to the host live about the festival, the Viva booth and my South Beach Chicken Wings available at the festival.
As soon as we were done the crew stormed the chicken so I backed up to let them at it and bumped into one of the nicest chefs around, Art Smith. He has such a zest for life and you can tell by just a quick hello and a smile. We were both recently featured in People Magazine talking about how we try to keep pounds off when eating is our gig. He looks grrrrrreat! We chatted quickly about food and life then I asked him if he'd take a pic for my blog and he obliged ...
After this we had to rush out to get back to South Beach so I could hand out the very wings I was promoting at the Grand Tasting. Traffic was bad, but I got back just in time for me to do what I call a Superman booth change and head right back out. They have little golf carts to take us to and from the hotel and the events and they all park right behind the venue so when I pulled up, I caught another friendly face about to leave...
I just love how Sandra Lee looks in white. Those are some of my favorite shows ... when the whole set is just pure white. Very clean and only a chick with a flawless body can pull off an all white outfit lol ... goooooo Sandy!! She's always been so sweet since I started and has said some pretty nice things to me in private moments. If you are a fan of hers, I'll have you know ... she's worthy of you and she's a sweetheart!

After we chatted, she sped off to the hotel and I walked on over to the Viva Booth. I took so many pictures with other people and forgot to get one of my own lol. I had fun though and after I was done at the booth I realized it was 4pm and all I'd had to eat all day was some strawberries from the fruit bowl I got with room service, a wing on the set of the NBC show and a wing at the Viva Booth. To say the least, I was hungry. Good news - I'm at a Food & Wine Festival ... Bad news - the tents closed at 4. That's the same time I was done working. So we rushed through the tent to see if we could find any one still serving food and I ran into some beef!!!
That's Chef Roy Mitchell of the Buckhead Beef Company. He saved my day!!! While everyone else was packing up because it was quitting time ... his crew was still churning out the juicy beef. Uhhhh I'd have a picture of it, but honestly I ate is so fast, I mean inhaled it!!! Thanks Roy!!!

Ok, after that, I headed back to the hotel for a nap and dinner. Yes, a nap ... I feel old. Teeheehee. All this activity makes you a bit tired though. After dinner, I headed out to one of the best parties of the weekend, Bubbles & Q. It's all about champagne and BBQ. What a combo, eh? I walked around a bit and bumped into two of my favorite ladies ...
That's Susie Fogelson, marketing wiz, judge on NFNS and most recently she's made several appearances in my living room when I play Cook or Be Cooked, the Food Network Wii video game. On the other side of me, Ingrid Hoffman. I was just down here a few weeks ago and as I was watching the news I caught a piece about a new food truck she has roaming the city. I emailed to give her a quick congrats and she invited me to check it out and chat with her about the festival when I returned. She's doing correspondent work for NBC, so today after I'm done serving wings I'm heading over to chat with her. I'll let you know when the piece runs. She is such a fun person to hang around with and again, very nice. Ok, then I turned around an bumped into the newest addition to Food Network ...
Marcela Valladolid! Mexican Made Easy is my new favorite show to watch. I wake up on Saturdays just to watch and I really like the authenticity of her recipes. Plus, my time in San Antonio, Texas primed me for a love of Mexican food. Tex-Mex for sure at first, but then after a few trips deep into the country ... I'm on board for it all! Marcela and I chatted real quick then I turned around in the same immediate area and bumped into an icon ...
Ok, I know this sounds cliche, but I wish I could jump back to my young self and say one day I'd meet the guy that hosted Double Dare. A few years ago I read his book, it's a biography and it is reeeeeally a good read. He's such a hard worker and reminds me of my dad, without sounding weird. Anyway, great guy and such a pleasure to meet and chat with him. Then things got even sweeter and I ran into Mr. and Mrs. Fondant ...
That's Geof and Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes. I feel like I know Mary Alice because we have a common friend in Jacob from Food Network Addict, so when I met her I yelled "I love you through Jacob" awkwaaaaard lol, but she got it. Ok, then the best part of the night ... as I was leaving the Bubbles & Q tents I bumped into someone I haven't seen in years ...
Now, maybe you're thinking it's Isiah Thomas I'm talking about ... and you are right, I haven't seen him in years. But the person I'm referring to is his son, Josh. When I worked at HOT 97, he got an internship with us and many of my coworkers ribbed him and some just acted like he had a charmed life and wasn't going to work as hard as he needed to. Well, they were all wrong and he turned out to be one of the best interns we had. Always on time and ready to work and learn. Fast forward to now and he has a record company and a artist he just signed to Universal Records in addition to a heavy schedule of touring as a DJ!!!! GOOOOOOOO JOSH!!!

Then, I went back to my room and fell asleep .. I'm headed now to the tents to hand out more wings today! If you are here, come on by to say hi!!! Please excuse the typos, I did this blog while getting ready. I'll clean it up later and take more pics to share!


Jen said...

Oh it looks like you're having a BLAST!!! So much fun. I wish I could've made it this year! I'll make it a point to get there next year!

My friend and I just booked a trip to go to Disney in October (for my birthday) to go to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. LOVE IT!!!!

By the way, I LOVE your sparkly shirt!

I just got finished watching your episode "Sticky Bones, Empty Plate" and since I've never had Chicken Fried Steak before (and yours looked delish!), I'm making it for dinner tomorrow night!

Lana said...

Sorry I've been absent from your blog - can hardly keep up with my own lately. lol

And Woot! Well ain't you the smartie for gettin' out early! Good on ya, Sunny. :-D

Obviously I didn't win that free trip to SoBe, but am glad to see all your pix from there. Thx again for blogging about it all so we can do that vicarious thingy.

And I met someone yesterday who also probably wishes he was in SoBe, Kevin Roberts, one of the contestants from Next Food Network Star 4. We reminisced about the FN Kitchens before he gave his talk to the college residents about how to eat healthy while living in the dorms.

Kinda think hangin' in SoBe would be way more fun, but we made the best of it out here in old Idaho. :-D

So whenever you're ready to do the college circuit, send a note. We'll hook ya up out here, k?

Safe travels!

Sunny Anderson said...

jen, disney sounds like fun! do yourself a favor and head to the german beer tent, not really for the beer, but the brats and the food are so authentic. trust me, verrrrry good. hope you like the chicken fried steak! people kept telling me today at the festival that they just watched the show before coming out to sip and chew, all i could do was think about eating chicken fried steak because that's what they saw. i'm hungry now lol... waiting on room svc. so tired.

lana, it's ok, i know you are a buy lady! is kevin the "food dude"?? is my memory right? and you know i'm ready for the college circuit, but only prob is ... i attended loyola univ. in nola, and never graduated because i was trying to chase my dream. not so sure that story willl work on campus lol.

Lana said...

Yup! The Food Dude. Really good lookin' guy and, uh, effervescent! lol, if that makes sense. High energy, not out of control tho, and had some pretty smart things to say about food, cooking, health, etc.

He made a tasty warm infusion of fresh ginger and honey (nice on a late February night. in Idaho. ugh), talked up high protein, lower sugar, lower fat and tasty ways to bump up fiber and anti-oxidants, all pretty good stuff. Pitched Guinness over light beer and vodka over rum. My kinda guy, lol. He was sponsored by some hot sauce; gave a bunch away to the crowd.

I totally think you have a message to the college crowd! A background in music? Are ya kidding me? Setting goals, achieving your dreams, and something I'll bet you're very good at - working with others, inspiring them to work with you, communicating, keeping a positive outlook to combat stress and the blues, etc. I think you have a story to tell.

Anyway, colleges are more and more non-traditional students. We're an older adult audience now. You'd be a hit. Put it on the back burner. There's an argument to be made that it'd broaden your audience. :-)

Ok, enuff of my pitch. Enjoy the rest of the festival! And I'll see ya on TV. *grins*

Marsh said...

SOBE It! (I just got that. Me = slow.) My partner and I will likely be at the Apron's class in Boca instead of Tampa. Hope the Publix tour goes well. Ask the Publix bakery to get you a cup of frosting. It's amazing.
Chow, Marsh

Foody Di said...

Hi Sunny,
My niece and I met you at the festival on Saturday. Check out my blog, I actually wrote something about you. would love to send you a copy of the picture we got with you. If we didn't like you enough already by watching your show, well you just closed the deal for us on Saturday. You don't just have us as fans, you have us as true fans forever. my blog:

Anonymous said...

So proud of you Sunny and your name definitely fits you. I've been a fan for some time now and was pleasantly surprise to know that you worked in Montgomery Alabama as I'm from B'ham. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy SoBe along with ya! It's the next best thing to being there. My husband and my whole family enjoys your show...your parents I know are so proud.


Trina said...

It looks like you had such a great time! I love the pics.

I really enjoy your show, and I'm always excited when you recall your time in San Antonio. My dad retired out of Ft. Sam, but I was already in undergrad when he transferred there. My first year out of school, I worked in SA, but I'm in Austin now ... and I don't get back nearly often enough for the great food!

Congratulations on your successes and best wishes for more!

(P.S. I love that pink dress!)

Elie's Papel said...

So happy you had fun at the Festival. You are right! Bianca and Nathan are the best and we are very lucky to work with the at the event. Hope to see you back in Miami next year or very soon!

Sunny Anderson said...

lana, yeah, the food dude is high energy!! his cookbook is really pretty. when i met him he was passing them out and i snatched one for myself! ok pitch woman ... if i ever give a speech at a university, it's your fault lol!

marsh, hope to see you at the publix tour!!! it's coming up so fast! thanks for the info about the frosting ... you are looking out for my sweet tooth!!! make sure you come up and say hi to me if you go to the class!!!

foody di, wow. i checked the link. i have to tell you i meant what i said and never know if it's falling on deaf ears when i say it, but i am soooooo glad you felt my true intent. i reeeeeeeally love doing this and sure, i can fight my way to get here with hard work and good work ethics, but once i'm here the only way to stay is if people actually watch. well, anyway foody di, you and your niece are a big part of my dream. thanks so much. so happy we are the same kind of foodies!

mommamea, glad my pictures were a good narrative for ya over the weekend, there are a few more i'll post today. you put your email in the comment, so i didn't post it, but thanks sooooo much for the support and i'll email ya soon to connect about appearing on the show!

linda, yaaaaaaaaaaay montgomery! i only lived there for like maybe 6-7 months, but i had a great time! very formative for my career, i met people there that i am still in touch with! ahhhhhh i miss "the gump"! lol ... thanks so much for watching with your husband! foodie couples rock! and yes, even though i had what i thought was a great radio career, my parents are jusssst now showing signs of being proud of me lol.

trina, i did have plenty of fun and got some work done at the same time ... perfect weekend. how neat about our san antonio connection ... even further, my first job ever was volunteering at the ft. sam houston medical center for the red cross!!! i wonder if we ever brushed elbows or if i ever filed your dad's paperwork! anyway, thanks so much for watching and for the compliment on my dress. i am not the stylish one, so it feels good to get kudos on my choice for miami wear!

elie's papel, i had such a blast!! and i am glad i got a co-signing comment on bianca and nathan!!! they are so cute together and last year i didn't even put together they were dating. i think i was just so nervous to do my demo, i didn't notice the nuances lol. bianca had my food looking sooooo pretty on set! good stuff that couple! i hope to see them again next year if i make it down!!

Lys said...

That dress is FABULOUS! GO Sunny!

Now that sounds like a crazed day. Ingrid is amazing - so down to earth and crazy talented. Did you get to check out the Latin Burger truck?

Between Mexican Made Easy, Simply Delicioso & Daisy's show, my spanish cooking has VASTLY improved.

BTW, one of my girlfriends posted something really cool about you on my FB SOBE photos from last year - about how the food is "just real stick to your ribs food." She's a huge Sunny fan.

Sunny Anderson said...

lys, thanks! i almost never wear dresses so i appreciate the co-sign on my tastes lol. with my shape a dress can look pretty racy if i don't have the right cut. i missed ingrid's truck. it rained the day i was to catch her and the chili earthquake hit, so the camera crew we were gonna chat with about it got called off for real news. there's always another time! yeah, i really like new show Mexican Made Easy too, good food! give your friend a hug and tell them i said thanks for watching!!!

Black girl with long hair said...

That pink dress is beautiful on you!!! Where did you get it??

Phil said...

Just saw the PB&J Sundae episode... All I can say is, will you marry me? ;)

Phil, San Antonio, TX

Lindsey Christensen said...

Love your show, love your blog and LOVE that pink dress! Where did you get it? I want one!!!

Sunny Anderson said...

lindsey christensen, thanks for watching! hope you still check back to see this late response! the dress, i bought it from and it's from designer "taylor", you can shop by brand there once you click on women and then dresses. it was size 14. "Taylor Dresses Ruffle Jacquard Sheath Dress" hope this helps!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the energy you bring to the Food Network! So glad to find your blog. Keep up the great work!

Sunny Anderson said...

tanisharankins, i am so glad you found the blog! thanks so much for watching! i really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the behind the scenes stories i share. thanks again!