Friday, March 12, 2010

Sunday is Guy's Day!!!!

Hey all! I just wanted to update you and remind you of some things in the land of Guy Fieri ...

I know this is my blog, but I wanted to throw some love and support his way ...

This Sunday on NBC, his new game show debuts.
Win it in a Minute airs at 7PM eastern/6PM central.

If you haven't caught the commercials yet, it looks like a fun game of interesting tasks that all need to be completed in a minute, in order to win it! That "it" is plenty of money and bragging rights! Check the website link above, there are some neat online games to play, backstage videos with Guy and previews of some of the tasks and teasers featured on the game.

Spread the word and DVR! The first night is the important night!! If you watch and say to yourself "I can do that in a minute!", click here and find out how to become a contestant.

Don't forget! NBC this Sunday at 7!!! Win it in a Minute with Guy Fieri!!!


Complaint Department Manager said...

All due respect to Guy, I can get the same kind of entertainment at a party(depending on how much alcohol is being served). Best part is, they'll do it for free. All you have to do is tell them they can't do it or threaten them to be cut off from the bar and there ya go.

Who knew I could have filmed all my past "participants" and made a show out of it.

Lana said...

Poor Ultimate Recipe Showdown has gotten little to no press! lol. I'm sure it'll do fine on it's own, though.

Sunday, all of Guy's shows are on - 5 1/2 hours of Guy Fieri, between the Food Network and the new NBC show.

Jeepers! I guess I can say I knew him when ... eh?

Dolphinfanhg said...

My Tivo is already set Sunny! Since you are the woman in the know, when is Rocco's new show coming? I thought it was Sunday, but can't find it anywhere!

Sunny Anderson said...

complaint dept. mgr., lol ... you are too funny. but you gotta admit, for bar tricks, it's nice to get paid to just host people through them! i personally would in my next lifetime like to be bob barker.

lana, i haven't caught an episode of the ultimate recipe showdown yet. i hope i can catch up on a marathon. and yep, look at our guy! just workin hard and getting the benefits! happy for him!

dolphinfanhg, i don't know when his new show starts, but i think i'll see him next week for a shoot, so i'll ask and report!