Monday, April 26, 2010

Dr. Oz tomorrow, Bushman today!

Hey there! Just a couple of weeks ago, I got up at the crack of dawn to hang out with Dr. Oz and now it's set to air tomorrow! I gave some details in a blog I called "My trip to the Dr., Oz that is" ... check it out if you want some behind the scenes stuff. Here's the doc and I just after we taped our segment. He was sooo nice and I'm happy he thought my corny medical joke was funny.
I don't know when the segment airs during the show, but check his local listings page for your local show time and channel. It airs in NYC on FOX 5 @ 3PM. Set the TiVo/DVR and get ready to learn about some healthy stuff you can make in a cinch! Hope you like the show!

I'm in Detroit today visiting some friends and places I've missed since I left in 2001. If you are a Detroiter, I'll be on with Bushman @ WJLB today around 3pm. He's a buddy from my radio days here and even though at the time we worked at competitors, we didn't care and were the best of buds. Radio can be a weird land where the employees of one station actually dislike employees of other stations. I've seen it get nasty and it's not like that everywhere, but I'd say it's the prevailing sentiment from each market I worked in. I never understood it, because if I worked at Mc Donald's and you worked at Burger King, I'd still be your buddy :-). Let the suits not like each other, I don't own the company. So, anyway Bushman, a DJ here in Detroit was just the opposite of every other radio jock I'd met from the "competition". In a word ... NICE. So, we've kept in touch and I can't wait to see him today! Catch us catchin' up around 3pm. If you aren't a Detroiter and you still want to tune in, they stream on the internet! Just check out WJLB's Website and click on the listen live tab!


Anonymous said...

Okay see, you need to be on Twitter for news updates like this. Plus you know how fans can be, we really need to know what kind of breakfast cereal you have each morning. And what TV shows you are watching. ;)

Jen said...

I love your dress! I'll be sure to set the DVR to tape the show tomorrow!!!

Sunny Anderson said...

food network fans, hey! like the new format and thanks for the cont. support! and i know, i know ... my bff tries to talk me into twitter all the time. but i really don't know if my minutiae is tweet worthy. i will tell ya i had special k for bfast with some fresh strawberries, caesar salad with white anchovies for lunch and the same for dinner with a bacon rillette app that i ordered as an entree, that was saturday. salads are the best on the road because they are the hardest to mess up if you are in a hurry to eat. then sunday in chicago i had brunch at south water kitchen and ordered the chiliquiles with chorizo and 2 sunny side up eggs, plus 2 mimosas :-). hit the road for detroit with my bff and had panera bread salmon ceasar salad on the way then got here and had a turkey wrap that was ok, so the back up salad i ordered filled in the blanks. and for tv shows i watch, i am soooo mad "spartacus blood and sand" on starz is over for the season. it is such a beautifully shot show and great actors and character development. and i can't get enough of crime shows on tru tv, a&e and the sunday night lineup of vh1. i just fell in love with glee with the hello ep and the madonna ep. the vogue remake video was soooooooo neat to see. all the movements were perfect. plus, the big guy from queens nyc needs to win american idol, either him or bowersox phew ... right now, i'm watching the news ... it's my constant background noise when nothing else is on. again, thanks so much for the support. you guys are so nice and the criticism is always constructive instead of destructive ;-). nice wins always, if only everyone knew that.

jen, thanks! i got it from! i don't like shopping much, prefer online. it can be tiresome as a thick chick trying on a jillion outfits in a stuffy dressing room. i get sick fast in small places. hope you like the show!!!

ANCA said...

u are amazing !! and i like ur shows :) Suuny A.
see u soon and take care :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday you will join us on twitter. Viva paper towels is using your photo for an avatar and a few times just scanning down the page I will see it and think it's SUNNY! But no.. :(

I like the crime shows too, the true crime things on ID are usually what I watch before going to bed when FN has started the reruns from earlier in the evening.

I am glad you like the site and I am so thrilled you check in on us, I like to keep it for fans as much as I can. There are enough nasty sites out there. Sometimes we get the people who just want to vent about things too. I guess that's part of having a discussion forum though. :)

Sunny Anderson said...

anca, thanks for the compliment! i am so happy you found the show and the blog!! keep in touch and i hope you like the new shows on the way!!

food network fans, so neat to chat with ya here! one day i'll join the tweeterverse, until then i'm still in the bloggerverse :-). viva is cool & i love to work with them, so it's nice they have a twitter with foodie links and stuff. really great company and i'm not just saying that. i can call and talk to the people in charge and it doesn't have to be so stiff and formal. very cool company, kimberly clarke. and re: watching ID shows ... same here. we allllways end the day with them. i watch so much that just 2 minutes in i can tell if i've seen it before or if i've seen the same case, but on another crime show. pretty cool. ok, about the site ... look i may be the only one of 'us' to admit it and i'm cool with that, but i check it from time to time because you have a good link on the food network press releases and stuff. it's the cnn of food network :-). so i check probably once or twice a week. just to tool around and see how things are going. i'm a foodie and was interested in the bits and pieces before i was on the network, so things really haven't changed. i know you like to keep it for the fans so i don't comment, i just observe. and for the nasty sites, most of them are super fans that just don't know how to show their love. you'd be surprised to know how some of the nasty sites start. one bad first impression and a fan can go hogwild with hate! but i've learned from radio not to let it really bother and actually to expect it and now it's a sign of success. because in order to pick someone apart, you have to first know what you are pickin' ... that means you have to watch ... plenty. watching gives us ratings and in some way ... that makes the angry people a fan. i always tell people, when you don't like something and you spread the word ... it could be to people that have never heard of the thing you don't like. so then they do their research and they may find themselves liking it, or not ... either way it translates into visibility and ratings. if only the haters knew teeheehee ... in the end, i'm just happy to do what i love. i'll have you know that getting my own lil forum on your blog was a neat career moment because i visited long before i was ever on. thanks for the early vote of confidence!

LindaHensens said...

Hey Sunny!

I caught your San Juan show. Very interesting what you did to that pork..:) I have a Boston Butt sitting in my freezer.. Yummmmm..

Anyway, I thought your segment on Dr. Oz will air on 4/28? That is what your first blog post said it would be, but this post indicates that it will show on 4/27? Can you clear that up before it is too late?

Thank you!
Linda in NC

Sunny Anderson said...

linda, you are right ... i was wrong. it airs today. not tomorrow. :-)

ernest ford said...

sunshine is definitely what you bring when i watch your sho.i think
your gorgeous,and the desert you made today was awsome!!my name is ray from california..when you come to california breakfast,lunch and dinner is on are the bomb!!!!

Sunny Anderson said...

ernest ford, awww shux. thanks for the kind words and welcome to the blog!

Loki's Concubine said...

You look so pretty in that dress!
Well I'm sure you don't remember but last year I asked you where you got those awesome deep glass bowls from and you told me Kohls. Could never find them online but stumbled into a store where they had 2 sets left... and they were buy one get one free! Woooot! So thanks for taking the time to answer your fans. You are awesome chick and keep it up!