Friday, April 23, 2010

San Juan and Beyond

Hey there! I'm in Chicago for a charity event tomorrow (Saturday)! It's the 2010 True Flavors Celebrity Cook-off with True Child. It's an organization that insures children see their full potential and not be held back by narrow stereotypes for boys or girls. They are particularly concerned with the special challenges faced by children who are at risk or disadvantaged especially in the LGBT community. Check out True Child's website.

Ok, I just wanted to give you a heads up about tomorrow's Cooking for Real. It's called San Juan and Beyond and it's in honor of my 1st visit to Puerto Rico. I had so much fun it would be hard to explain, but I can say one thing ... I ate my way through that island!! Here are some pics from my vacation to inspire you if you like pork, which is what the show is all about tomorrow...
That's me next to my dinner. We stayed in San Juan and enjoyed the food in the tourist area, but you know it's all about eating like the locals. So, we asked around, rented a car and we took a trip to the mountains for a place all the locals know about in the city of Guavate. There's a street called Calle los Pinos and the whole street is lined with purveyors of pig on a spit and so much more.
I stepped in further and took a picture from a better angle. Then proceeded to tell the lady taking my order "con todo" or "with everything" lol. She looked at us like we were crazy, but then piled us up with one of every side. Yaaaay!!! That's her adding up our total ...
This is the spread from the first day. Yes, we went back after a day of rest and digestion lol. These are my plates ...
That's pork with crispy skin on the left, then morcilla which is a Puerto Rican blood sausage that reminds me of what we called 'pudding' in North Carolina when I was growing up. Then on the table is a some yucca boiled in garlic sauce and of course ... a cerveza :-). The skin was so crunchy we could hear it over the pounding rain behind us. It was an open air place and a band was playing, little stray dogs came by for a bite. A really great meal. My guy was too busy eating and I wanted to remember the crunch so ...
Extreme close up, but boy was that some crunchy skin! Ok, hope you like the show tomorrow! I share my recipe for P.R. Pernil and Faux-fungo, which is my easy and simple way to make mofungo without all the pomp and stance. Catch it! Cooking for Real - Saturday at noon!


Mary at Deep South Dish said...

Sunny you are just too adorable, I swear.

I love me some PIG!!! Those plates have me drooling! Lucky you. Sounds like a great CFR show.

Sunny Anderson said...

mary, hope you like it! i have about 100 or so pics from the trip and tried not to do the waaaay too long slide show, but omg ... the pig was soooo good. the crunch would cause an avalanche! hope you like the show! btw, i've decided if u were in a crowd of people, i'd be able to pic you out ... has to be the smile!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever have the wardrobe stylist do an interview? I love your wardrobe and would appreciate some tips on how to keep looking modern and fresh.

Jane Davis said...

Hi Sunny,
I am so pleased that you have done so well, your own show, wow! I doubt that you would remember me. your dad and my husband, worked together in Germany we lived near your family and we all hung out a lot!
We enjoy your show!

Jane Davis,
Fairfax, VA

Jason said...

Hey Sunny,

It's Jason from Chicago! It was great to meet you and your adorable friend on Friday. I had a ton of fun talking to you guys... lots of laughs! Hope your charity event went well on Saturday. You have a new, big fan here in Chicago!


Dolphinfanhg said...

I have the show on Tivo, so I haven't seen it yet, but it looks like I will love it! That crunch shot is awesome! When are we going to see your guy though????

Sunny Anderson said...

anon, i didn't and it is on the list! next up is wardrobe and my camera men ... any specific questions you have for the stylist other than what you mentioned?

jane davis, thanks so much for the compliment! you are right in your guess, i don't remember, but you know how that is for a military brat, so much moving. the cobwebs can be wiped away though, which city in germany are you talking about?

jason!!! HEYYYYYYY!!! so nice chatting with you at the bar! it was my first time playing wing woman in years and i had so much fun!!! thanks for givin us a space to sit and funny conversation all night! keep in touch and welcome to my foodie world over here :-). we're all happy people that love to eat! so stick around!

dolphinfanhg, yaaaaay! hope you like it when you see it. it's my version of some puerto rican classics with an emphasis on easy!

BDot: The Inspirmentalist said...

i just saw your show recently on the food network. you were cooking a breaded fish and some kind of grapefruit desert with vanilla ice cream. it looked pretty good ^_^.

Millie said...

Sunny you are EXPECTACULAR!!!!

I just finished seeing your program where you made our Icon PuertoRican Dishes: Pernil with your “foodfongo” and red beans.

Girl, you really Rocks!!!

I’m just sad I didn’t see you here in the island when you were vacationing. I’m a big fan of your programs and love the way you cook. I always wait for your programs, but today you really trapped our Boricua hearts forever!

I can’t imaging you going to have our Delicious pork at GUAVATE in Cayey, Puerto Rico. It is called in Spanish: “La ruta de la grasa”, or in English: The lard route.

Picture this: I always put Food Networks while I am navigating in the internet, I just like to hear it, and I was really in a good page reading but when you started describing the “PERNIL” and all the dishes, I completely turn around and give you my 100% attention.

Let me tell you this: You make me feel so proud, that you got a memorable vacation here in my island, and further, that you dedicate a full program to show the world our delicious Cuisine, that I have to bless you and your Family for the great person that you are! This comes directly from the heart, Sunny.

I desire for you all the goods the Lord can give! All the happiness and the sky is your limit, Sunny. Dream, girl! You will get it.

Today, I learned THE fastest way to make MOFONGO: in the food processor, why do I never think it before? It’s very original!!!

Instead of mashing all the way, it is easier to double fry and put everything in the Food Processor!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!

Hope next time you visit us, are as great and exceed your expectations even more.


Millie Aponte
Carolina, Puerto Rico

Sunny Anderson said...

bdot, yaaaaaaaay! so glad you caught that show! the grapefruit dessert isn't for the weak at heart! thanks for watching and welcome to the blog!!!

millie, WOW. i promise you ... I did the show for someone like you. I wanted to show my love for the island through food and because my gig in cooking is the easy route, I tried to simplify things. goodness knows i don't need a big ol' pilon in my kitchen taking up space, so i figured a good way to make it simple is using an appliance i already own. i sat in p.r. eating mofongo thinking, how can i share this experience with everyone and make it easy to do??? the food processor is a good way, but of course, it will never be better than the original pilon. not my goal though, i wanna eat it alllll the time! lol. in my area they sell plantains like crazy and my boyfriend loves the quick prep of my faux-fungo. so glad you liked the show. it makes me feel super great! lol. really. guavate was soooooo beautiful, it rained mostly so the fog on the mountains looked like a postcard. so beautiful or should i say que bonita! :-) thanks so much for watching and i am soooo happy you felt the love i have for your country and all it has to offer. it's hard to explain in 22 minutes while cooking, but for you to get it ... that's all i need. thanks again and i hope you like the other new shows on the way! thanks millie!!!!

The Duo Dishes said...

Must make a trip to PR. That's quite the pig!

Jamie said...

You always looks soo great and comfortable in your clothes. Just wondering what you stylist picks out for you.

Eric said...

man, That pig looks so good, from the rooter to the tooter LOL .. I've always wanted a whole roasted pig but I never been anywhere that has them, I need an excuse to go to hawaii, phillipines, or p.r. LOL

Sunny Anderson said...

the duo dishes, you have no idea. every 3 or 4 day space i get in my calendar i'm trying to figure out how to make a quick trip back, then i come to my frugal senses. like who do i think i am?? lol. you are not alone.

jamie, thanks. well i have an interview with the stylist soon, but just so you know ... i'm a size 12/14 and my jeans are usually from roca wear, joe's jean's or akademiks. the tops are simplee tops from saks or macys. nothing super designer. i like cotton because it breathes on set and i do plenty of frying and baking. elastic waists are my friend cuz my hips and butt are so big and my waist isn't, so anytime i can cinch in the waist a bit helps. the stylist is really good at dressing my size because i go between large and extra large alot. hope this helps. i'll post the q&a with my stylist as soon as i do it!

eric, maaaaaan you are so on point with that!! from the tooooot tooooot to the rooooot roooooot!! lol. you don't have to go far for a pig, i used to get one every summer in north carolina when we visited home. pr is great though!! i think i'm going back there very shortly. the crispy skin was sooo crazy! fyi, no passport needed for p.r.!!! it's a quick and cheap flight on jet blue!

A Blatina's Blog said...

My mouth is watering thanks to this post! Time to whip up a pork dish to satisfy the craving.

Erica said...

Hey Sunny I am Erica from Tennessee and I just want you to know you are beautiful and your classy and sexy. I strive to be like you because you are positive and always smiling plus you are comfortable in your skin. I love you and want you to go as far as possible and keep givin us good recipes and beautiful smiles.