Friday, June 18, 2010

One day @ a time - #7 SMTea - June 11

Hey there! If you are following this blog live, thanks for hangin' with me in a Friday! I'm catching up from blogs lost when I had a lil computer implosion, so sorry for all the posts, but also sorry I missed them when they happened...

Friday, June 11, 2010
That day was another early wake up because I had an SMT scheduled with Lipton. Check out my spread!
I went to make sure it was all pretty and ready to go the day before. SMT stands for Satellite Media Tour. I'm callin' it an SMTea because of the obvious reasons. :-) I'm corny. Don't know what an SMT is? Well, the easiest way I can explain it is, you know when the singers get voted off American Idol? And the next day you see them on your morning news sitting in front of an American Idol backdrop talking about their experience from a studio in Los Angeles? They are doing an SMT. It's a way for many media outlets around the country to interview one person, without the person having to travel. Pretty neat and it was my first one live, so I was excited. Here I am probably trying to memorize "coolest summer cookout dot com" on set while I get wired for sound ...
That's the website to check and the one I gave out all morning, Lipton's summertime hangout ... Here I am seconds later, microphone pack in my back pocket and ready to go!
Every anchor had a set list of possible questions to ask me if they are at a loss for words, but it wasn't scripted. So, if we ever got off topic or didn't get time to explain everything, I wanted to make sure I gave out the website for more info. There's cool stuff over there as well as a sweepstakes. I'm actually sippin' on some Lipton Cold Brew as I type this. Have you tried the Lipton Cold Brew Bags yet? I had no idea they even existed because I'm more of a traditionalist and just look for my regular tea bag box. Basically these are tea bags you pour cold water over and in 3 minutes, the tea is done! If you want instant without the powder and you don't want to heat up your kitchen this summer just to get a pitcher of tea, I'd say look for the Cold Brew box. I am in love with it and also like the Diet Sparkling Green Tea. I don't know how they do it, but the diet doesn't taste diet. Crazy. I'm so happy to work with them, feels like they've grown with me over the years and there's new flavors and tea technology for me to enjoy. Pretty neat.

Some of the interviews I did during the SMTea were live, but some will air in the near future, here's a list of all the action just in case it's close to where you live;

8:50 WYAM - TV Huntsville, AL ... it was live with Susie and she was a cool chick!
9:00 WCBD - TV Charleston, SC ... taped with Tara and I don't know when it will air or if it has already.
9:05 Daily Buzz National - airs on the 1st day of summer, June 21. I don't know where though, but it's national :-). The guy hosting obviously thought I was only literate in ebonics? And bad ebonics at that. He went from proper English during his first story as I listened in my ear bud, then proceeded to introduce me with the worst slang ever, I thought ... here's someone that has never caught the show and also thinks we all must speak that way. Tragic. I mean , I have my times when I get lazy with words, but there's a time and place for everything, eh? I started the interview by telling him he wouldn't get let across the Brooklyn Bridge with his attempt at slang. Funny, but I think my comment set us on the right path.
9:20 WTVR - TV Richmond, VA ... it was live and on the weekend of the city's centennial parade! Happy BDay Richmond!!
9:30 WRBU - TV St. Louis, MO - I chatted with James, he was cool. This was taped and I don't know the airdate :-(.
9:35 WYYZ - AM Atlanta, GA - I taped it with Matt and for the first time that morning got a chance to walk around instead of stand on set during the interview because it was radio.
9:45 WNEM - TV Flint, MI - this was taped too and I used to live close by in Detroit, so it was a fun interview.
9:50 KCMN - Radio Colorado Springs, CO - I had the best time talking to the host, Tron. It was live and he is really funny, lucky you if you live in his listening area.

Then I got a 10am break for 10 minutes ...

10:10 WAMV AM Roanoke, VA - I talked with Bob live.
10:20 KJTV TV Lubbock, TX - I actually interviewed myself for this one, lol. I was asked to begin by saying hi to the host and then just talk for 3 minutes straight. That was pretty easy, seeing as though I love to talk. I don't know when this aired or airs, but I know it was taped for Christal.
10:30 Tampa 21 - for this, I don't know the station or anything, just that it was for television and for radio. Maybe if this is your area of livin' you know better than me. :-)
10:35 WSAV TV Savannah, GA - I taped this interview with Everett and was so happy to talk with someone in Savannah. I'd just left there and taped a show with Paula Deen, so I was happy to gush about her and the beautiful city squares and all. Savannah, take care of miss Paula, she's a sweetie. News has surfaced about her being robbed by her own house keeper and when I was there it had just happened to her. She told me on set as were about to tape. I didn't share with you because it was Paula's personal information, but a few weeks later the report came out and now we all know. People that steal just don't get it. 9 times out of 10 the people they steal from would have given of themselves freely. I know this to be true about Paula, she has such a big heart. I too, had a break-in about 18 months ago and hinted about it here, but never really touched on it. It's hard and makes it super hard to trust people. Hope Paula gets her feeling of security back and maybe even some of her stuff. Ok...
11:10 Cable Radio Network - it's a national show and I taped the interview, no telling when it will air, but the guy I spoke with ... forget his name, he was so funny. I could tell by his questions that he was a total bachelor. He had questions about expiration dates on things that were in his pantry for over a year. Cute and funny.

Then it was all over ... I said through my microphone, "who's next?" and the director replied into my ear bud "that's it!". So, I went around and gave some high-5's and hit the road back to Brooklyn. I had a date with a pillow. Up next, what a stroll through Brooklyn can do for your belly ...


Lindsey Christensen said...

Really loving this hourly posts, I could get used to this!Not a bad way to spend a Friday at work...checking them in between project, of course :)

Lys said...

Will have to try the cold brew

Sunny Anderson said...

lindsey, i saw your post and couldn't reply because i was still in the weeds, but thanks so much for posting. my guy kept saying to me ... do you really think someone is going to check all day? and i said to him something like "look, when i had that office gig, i had an internet schedule! I'd check the same website a few times a day, just to see if something was new." i reminded him he does the same thing with his favorite sites on his cell phone. then to meet in the middle, i told him that basically even if no one watched the posts live, that when they did finally check back in, there'd be plenty to look over. so a win-win, then you posted a comment :-). perfect timing! i was too happy to show him. thanks!

lys, girl i kid you not ... it would pass a taste test side by side with the hot brewed. so crazy! i don't get how they did it. i use the powdered stuff to make alcoholic drinks here and there because i don't like it just with water, the flavor isn't the same to me. so the cold brew is perfect for me. i had no idea it even existed! i'll send you some bags if you can't find them. let me know. i've gotten to the point where i just use one bag over and over in one cup of water i just keep refilling and sweetening. 2 bags do a full regulation-sized pitcher and i did do it all the time, only takes two seconds and it's faster if you just stir it. in my first season i did a refrigerator iced tea because of the same reasons i love the cold brew, it doesn't heat up the kitchen during the summer and it tastes great, but you have to leave it for hourrrrs. it's almost like i begged for this product to be developed. crazy right? ok, try it and lemme know what you think ...