Friday, July 23, 2010

Party time again!

Happy weekend! Hope you have the weekend off or at least some "you" time carved out :-). Don't forget the second episode of Next Food Network Star: After Party on Cooking Channel airs Sunday night! Last week we talked to Brianna, she was the self-proclaimed "diva" that didn't make the cut. Bob got a chance to tell her what went wrong and she got a chance to explain herself a bit. We gave her a taste of Kelsey's family recipe for tuna casserole because she expressed such disdain for it on her final episode and guess what??? She loved it! I did too and actually ate the crumb topping off of mine before the show was over and took the rest back to the room to finish.

Here we are in the green room just after taping the show ...
So this week, one more will meet their fate and just after they are sent packing on NFNS on Food Network, tune into us over at NFNS: After Party on Cooking Channel @ 10PM. You'll never guess who get's the boot this weekend! All I can say is, it's very lively and interesting conversation and our guest again this time is Bob Tuschman. Bob gave up some good stuff last week when he said one of the deliberations lasted into the wee hours of the morning and ended in tears. Yes, tears! So, don't think these are flippant decisions here, they are truly looking for the Next Food Network Star, and it isn't easy. Over on our show, we have the easy job of picking up the pieces and finding the story behind the story. Hope you tune in this week!

Sunday night! 10PM on Cooking Channel! See you there!


Holly said...

The crumb topping is always the best part of tuna casserole :-)

tamilyn said...

I forgot to set the DVR to change channels after NFNS last week! I'm off this weekend so I need to check it out.

Rhonda Garrett said...

Hi Sunny,
I live in San Antonio and thought you'd be interested in having a limited edition grocery bag produced by HEB with artwork from the art teacher, Clif Tinker, at Madison HS. It portrays various landmarks here in SA. I cannot find any mailing address for you. If you are interested (and have not received one) please let me know how to mail this to you. Or perhaps you could contact HEB directly.

Shawn said...

Hello Sunny,

I am a frequent lurker of your blog but never posted comments bc I read from my blackberry and it's just too complicated to type from there!

However, I have been wanting to post a comment for some time just to tell you a few things in general..

First of all, I have been watching you on FN since Cooking for Real have really developed your style, connection with the audience, your comfort level has become one of your strongpoints! you are very down to Earth, and it's evident by your show but even more so by the way you interact with ppl on your blog, always replying and genuinely interested in what fans to have to say. I love this about you! All the blog pictures make me feel like I can imagine having "been there" by the way you describe things.. I know it takes some extra time to upload all that stuff but that and all of your links are what really makes you blog great.

I also really love the stories you tell about your family, the military background and I feel like I somewhat "know" you even though I have never had the chance to meet you!

One final thing, your latest hairstyle (the longer bob) fits you and looks beautiful- keep it!

I came across your blog after reading a plug for it from your buddy "Foodnetork Addict" (came across his blog randomly as well) and I have been reading every since.

I am a new mom (had to quit my job to stay home and care for him) so I do get the chance to see your show daily. I like your variety and I learn so much from your show.

I would love to catch you at the AC Food and Wine festival-but maybe next year since I have a little in tow for now..

I'll def try to get on my laptop more to post comments, I always feel like telling you I loved your hair, your outfit, etc.

Keep up the great work!

A fan in NJ,


Carla Morrison said...

Hi Sunny,
We finally have photos up on our blog, which include you, Chris Cumo and Sisters of Today & Tomorrow. Please check them out. CM

Sunny Anderson said...

holly, truer words have never been typed re: tuna casserole. so crazy brianna had never had any!!

tamilyn, hope you liked the show!

rhonda, i have a funny story about my art teacher at madison h.s. ... his name was mr. mack. i worked a full year on a stained glass design. finished a bit every class for a whole school year, when i was done ... mr. mack tried to steal it. i showed up one day and it was missing. he liked it so much he wanted to keep it. we had to actually get the admin involved and he finally gave it back. imagine your kid working on something, anything at school and your tax dollars paid for it only for the teacher to say, uh-eh ... it's mine! it was crazy as a kid, funny as an adult. pretty cool the art teacher now has a deal with h.e.b.!! i ended up selling my stained glass art next door to our local h.e.b at a consignment shop. no thanks on the bag, i have so many green shopping bags from my lil hood.

shawn. wow. don't know where to start. just thank you. i do this blog for you and people that get "it". life is not meant to be lived alone, it's best when shared. i am so happy you enjoy what i do, but even happier that i can do it. i've said it before and it will never mean less than the first time, i can't do this without you. i get it and am so happy to be in this position. thanks for the encouragement, congrats on the the baby!!! no need to comment when you are too busy, your support is felt. thanks so much.

carlos, thanks! tell the girls aka "sisters" i said hi!!!