Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Philly flurry!

Hey! Almost to the weekend! I just got back from Philadelphia, I was there less than 24 hours. Pretty fast trip through the city, but I hit all the important places. Starting with my fave cheesesteak spot Max's. Over the years I've been to many places, before and after Max's, but this is the one for me! My favorite guy wasn't there last night making them, but it was still just as tasty.That's my lap-plate lol. I tore into it and didn't come up for air until a few bites were left and I was stuffed. I just knew I would do some walking last night to compensate, but there was no gym at my hotel and I didn't want to walk that late in the dark. So, that's what I get ... a double walk tomorrow in the heat! I don't mind. I actually miss it. I think it's the thinking time I miss from gardening last year. Very calming. So anyway, I got up this morning to hang out with Bill and the crew over at The 10! Show ...

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Here are some photos from the segment ...
The audience was just to the left of this and the other host, Luann came in for a bite.
Before I left, I asked the audience if they would take a picture for my blog and they all yelled and that's when I leaned in for this!
Fun ... The audience was so cool and got there early while we were still setting up so I got a chance to say hi to a few people.Then I headed just around the corner to WDAS FM and chatted with Patty Jackson and special guest on the phone ... Aaron McCargo Jr.! He is so funny and Patty has been on his show before so he told me yesterday I'd have fun with her and he was right! I'm waiting on pictures from her because I forgot to take them. She also did a video, so I'll post that when she sends the link! Ok, take care and check if you got inspired and want to hang out in Atlantic City with us next week!


Mary at Deep South Dish said...

Great segment, as always!! LMBO at the smoke and Bill - he really thought the smoke alarm was going off didn't he?

You know I had to snatch a big look at the cheesesteak too - hello yum!! Do you know I've never been up there for an authentic cheesesteak?

Lindsey Christensen said...

I always check your blog in the morning so you constantly have me hungry for cheese steaks, hot dogs, pizza, dry aged beef, etc. before it's even 9am here in the good old Midwest!

Lys said...

What cracks me up is that the 10! show is taped about 5 minutes from my apartment - one of these days I will actually go to check out a taping. Plus - Saks is right near those studios and you know this gal loves her choos!

Glad you were able to hit Philly quickly - next time you are in town, hopefully it will be longer than 24 hours ;)

Holly said...

Sunny - that cheesesteak looks SO good!!

Sorry - I know this isn't really related, but this is the only way I know to get a hold of you - I wrote about the lamb kabobs, and wanted you to see it - here is the link to my blog post:

So excited to try your sliders next weekend!! See you then!


Sunny Anderson said...

Kristyn, please leave a comment with your contact information and I will get you the right information.

mary, thanks!!! yeah ... bill was pretty worried about the smoke, i see that all the time in my kitchen, so i knew we'd be fine! too funny. and girl, picktures don't even begin to rep the flavor of that cheesesteak! the bread alone is crazy! so squishy and chewy all at once .... oooooowwwweeee!

lindsey, i am sooo sorry. i too, can be affected by suggestive stuff, i watched a show last week on food network about candy, adam's new show ... then promptly went out for a two coconut crusted snow balls!

lys, what cracks me up is why you didn't swing by in your slippers that morning to say hi! can't believe i was so close!!! you were probably at work, eh? the weather that day was soooo hot, i'd a/c hibernate if i had nothing planned.

holly, it waaaaas so good! it's my fave spot to go when i get one! ok, lemme check out your blog! can't wait to see it!!!! make sure you come up and say hi next weekend!!!

Anonymous said...


Loved you on the 10! show-I'm a Texas gal-born in San Antonio, so those fajitas made me miss my home state! (and made me so hungry I had to do some fajitas for lunch)

I didn't get to hear you on WDAS, but I'm looking forward to the pictures!

Next time you're in the Philly area, we should meet up! Oh yea, did you check out Aaron's blog and Facebook? He showed you some love (and got the word out that you were here) and the fans were super excited to know you were in town!

Hope all goes well at your rooftop party and the rest of the AC Food & Wine Fest-can't wait to read about it!

-A'Driane Dudley

Sunny Anderson said...

a'driane, glad you caught it! i miss san antonio too! i miss whataburger and taco cabana!! lol plus the losing spurs, they were much more fun then lol. i agree, next time i'm in philly, pls suggest we meet, and i'll make myself available. i'll probably insist we meet at max's!!! and aaron is great! he and i are buddies! just really like the guy and his goals in life! if you are wondering if he is just as cool as he seems, well he is. and more.