Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Me and Martha Stewart! ahem ... radio :-)

Hey there! I'm heading back to my old stomping grounds of radio for the next few days! I sure hope you have XM/Sirius radio because I'm filling in Wednesday until Friday on Martha Stewart Radio's morning show, Morning Living. I've been on a few times and have totally enjoyed myself each time, so when they asked on my last visit if I'd sit in with Betsy while her co-host Kim was on vacation, I said of course! I'm bringing along some friends for the week and look forward to joining in on the conversation. Check the Martha Stewart Radio blog for updates and information. You can find us on Sirius 112 and XM 157. I clicked a link on the blog and found a way to try Sirius for free with a 7-day trial. I don't have satellite radio at home, but I'm thinking about it because when we recently took a trip to the Carolinas, we rented a car with satellite radio and had so much fun going through all the channels. Pretty neat for a music lover. Ok, hope you can catch Betsy and me! We're on from 7-10AM eastern, Weds. - Fri.!


Heather said...

Fun! I am working in computer free clinics those mornings so I won't be able to listen. I'm sure you'll be fantastic.

Mandi said...

Hi! I'm listening to you on the Martha Stewart Channel today. You are so fun to listen to. Very lively! I love it. Please share your Twitter account so I can follow you when/if you do decide to start tweeting. Love you and your show.

Lindsey Christensen said...

Guest host...cool! I'm foiled again though. My office plays Sirius radio but we are permanently stuck on elevator channel! Grrr...

Maggie Mistal said...

It was joy to meet you today Sunny on Martha Radio! You haven't lost a beat as a radio host, and that's coming from a career coach - believe it!

I wanted to thank you for sharing your career change story on air to inspire our listeners to love what they do too! Thanks for being an inspiration.

I'd love to have you on my radio show as I know there's more career conversation and advice you can share. I'll have my people contact your people! ;)

Great to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sunny - I love watching your show, and especially enjoy hearing your stories from when you lived in Germany. I am an Army wife, and we recently returned back to the States (Fort Carson, to be exact) from Germany (Baumholder, the arm pit of Germany! haha), and I am longing for a Doner Kebab. I've searched and searched for a recipe for that amazing cream sauce they pour on the kebabs and have yet to hit success. Help!

Sunny Anderson said...

heather, shux ... well have no fear. they are sending audio and in some manner i'll edit them down for the highlights and post on my new website when it relaunches in sept.

mandi, hey! i had so much fun! glad you could tune in while i put my 'martha filter' on :-). they were so nice as always, really nice group of people. my twitter account is dormant, but it is my name; @sunnyanderson. i'll start it soon after my website relaunches in sept. hope you find me when i start up :-)

lindsey, i had too much fun! and omg, at least get the ofc to change to 80s on 8 or 90s on 9! lol ... don't you love the sax version of a pop song though? lol every time i hear one it takes a second to register. then as i slowly get it i'm like ... is. that. nsync?!? crazy. well, i'll put up some audio on the new website when it relaunches. some of the interviews were very informative.

maggie!! oh wow. thanks so much! i really had a great time, could you tell? :-) i missed the daily thrill of live radio. very nice of them to invite me to come and play in their sand box :-). it was nice meeting you and it feels as if we are of the same mindset, it was great talking to another person that isn't afraid to take a chance on themselves. if we won't who will, right? and a chance is all you need in life. so thank YOU, to deliver that message regularly is a pretty cool gig! any time you want me to come by your show and over-share, let me know. :-) Just send me your email address in comments and I'll send you in the right direction. take care and tell jon, liz, betsy and steve i said hi!

amy, yaaaay army wives! and i'm not talkin about the show :-). Wow, didn't you enjoy germany? the curry wurst, the brats, the pommes frites at the street cart, apple cake, the skiing, the people, i could go on. as for the doner kabob, give my recipe for tzatziki sauce a try, it has the same flavor profiles. yogurt, cucumber, garlic. go to


Is that the sauce you are talking about? i remember these from volksmarches, they always had little carving stations set up at the check points. boy do i miss germany. i tried to make plans to get there this year and my schedule didn't work out, thanks for the memory! much appreciated! i sure miss my days there. ok, let me know if this recipe does you justice :-)