Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday Night Baseball with the Yankees!

Hey there! Last night I took a trip to the new Yankee Stadium to serve up some sliders and smiles in the Legends Suite.Ever hear of the Legends Suite? Well, lemme first start by saying it was my first time going to a MLB game. I've done NBA, WBC (boxing), NFL and even NHL, but it was my first time at a pro baseball game. The Legends Suite is within Yankee Stadium and it's pretty much all about eating -- and air conditioning :-). I was invited by the Yankees to plan a menu to serve within the Legends Suite and I thought one of my favorite sliders would work perfectly. The Legends Suite is set up like a huge restaurant and bar with tables everywhere. You can buy a ticket and hours before the game starts and even during the game, you can step inside for some great dining and drinks as well as a great view of the playing field. In the center of the suite is a huge round of food stations with all kinds of stuff like sushi, risotto, crab legs, steaks and last night I added ...That's my sign announcing my Plantain Chips, Veggie Chips and Caprese Sliders. I was told that the rush would come before the game, then lull a bit and pick back up again. Well, last night we didn't see a lull in the action at all and the line was long! So many people came back for seconds asking for plates of 4 sliders or more at a time! Even house waiters from another floor stood by ordering plates of 6 or 8 sliders at a time! Pretty crazy! Here's my station ...I really didn't have much time to stop and take pictures of the crowd. We were making the sliders to order because I wanted everyone to get 'em hot. I'm talkin' toasted bun, melted buffalo mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, fresh basil ... all that! Here are a few before they were quickly plated with some chips and a smile :-) ...I think we went through about 4 or 500 sliders, maybe more. There was even a tiny tiff between people in line and the waiters on the side getting plates for their tables, very cute. I had a huge proud smile at that moment. Must be what it feels like to have men fight over you, but for me they were beefing over my beef. Teeheehee. Well, the night was a blur, but in there were tiny breaks to say hi, take pictures and run to the kitchen for more basil. Thanks to everyone that stopped by for a bite and to say hi! I really enjoyed serving ya! Special thanks to the kitchen staff for helping during the rush and to Don and the entire staff for a great evening!


Jen said...

Oh how fun! Too bad it was a Yankees game though! ;) It should've been a PHILLIES game!!!

And those Caprese Sliders - I need a few right now! They are making me so hungry!! And I need some of that Punch from your AC Party to go with it! Yum.

But what an exciting experience!!! :)

Holly said...

Congrats on another successful event - and those sliders look fabulous!

Sunny Anderson said...

jen, haaaa! i spent 3 years in detroit, so it was funny it was a detroit game. some tiger fans were in my line and we had a fun little chat. glad you liked to caprese sliders! they are my fave this summer, next to the lamb sliders.

holly, thanks! i had to reschedule it twice, so it came up faster than expected and it was a nice start to the week. happy i did it! i like any chance to get out and meet people. i spend most of my days having conversations with my kitchen :-).

Reyna said...

I just have to say "Wow!". Those sliders look amazing *drooling a bit* lol :)

Sunny Anderson said...

reyna, thanks :-)i had one or two bites at the game then took 3 home to share with my guy, they are my faves this summer. i've been roasting tomatoes left and right!

inmt0497 said...

Hi Sunny,

I stumbled on your blog while searching for posts on Yankee Suites. You have a great blog and I'm trying to read as much as possible.

I wish I was there to try those sliders. Boy do they look great. Very successful night huh? I've been to a suite there but it was just a regular one and didn't have access to all that great good.

That's great that the Yankees invited you. Those fan were very privileged.