Sunday, August 15, 2010

NFNS Finale: After Party tonight at 10PM!

Hey!! Tonight it's all over, but really starts on NFNS. It's the finale of Food Network's highest rated show that finds the Next Food Network Star. Do you remember the seemingly choreographed, but fluid and effortless style of Dan & Steve, winners of season one? That's where it all started and since then we've met Guy Fieri, Amy Finley, Aaron McCargo Jr. and Melissa D'Arabian. I've known for some time who wins tonight because of my involvement in Cooking Channel's Next Food Network Star: After Party. It airs at 10PM tonight on Cooking Channel right after the NFNS finale on Food Network. It's the show, after the show and we started midway through the season interviewing the finalists that were eliminated each week. Here we are last week with Aria...It was a roller coaster ride for her with a strong start at the top and a slow decline to her vote off. I think the Iron Chef week was just brutal and after meeting her during our taping I wished she had a do over. I think I felt that way for pretty much every finalist I met. I think it's a tougher decision for the judges than we know because they meet and see more than the edited version we get on television. I found more and more that if each person had more time, we'd love them all. That being said, Adam Gertler, Kelsey Nixon and I were too happy to give each person a "do over" when they visited our After Party set. Last week, we let Aria give the Iron Chef challenge featuring bacon a second try and she truly won us all over!Those are donuts she made with potatoes. They were dense, not airy or chewy and filled with bacon bits. Plus, they were fried in bacon fat, then glazed with chocolate-hazelnut spread and sprinkled with yet more bacon. See, this is what she needed, eh? I mean, she just sprinkled bacon around on NFNS' Iron Chef challenge. I was hurt lol. Then, she didn't stop there, the donut holes were rolled in bacon sugar! She just blitzed some sugar with fried bacon and voila, the perfect way to follow through on the bacon flavor for the challenge. I watched that episode so many times preparing to tape After Party and I don't think I've talked to the television like that in a while, outside of yelling when playing video games online :-). It was painful to watch, mostly because I think you just really want everyone to do well. After meeting Aria and talking with her, I think she watched the show with the same reaction. So, tonight on Next Food Network Star it's Tom, Aria and Herb in the final push for the win. Rachael Ray makes a special appearance and helps each finalist not only mold their new show, but she directs the pilot.

We have a big party planned right after the winner is announced on Food Network, just flip over to Cooking Channel at 10pm and we'll be there with ... who knows? :-) We will have more than one guest though ... hope you tune in and hope your favorite wins. If they don't ... not to worry, it ain't over till the fat back sizzles. BTW, did you miss Serena's reaction to us asking her about the conflict with Brianna in the NFNS apartment kitchen? There's a video clip up from the After Party called Serena Says, and she has plenty to say :-), check it out!

Ok, enjoy the final episode of the season! Hope your fave wins!


Mary at Deep South Dish said...

You are truly a good secret keeper! I don't know how those folks can do these competitions. I am certainly not that cook!!

The Duo Dishes said...

You looked great on the special! It's a great win for her. She's going to be an awesome addition to the network.

Lindsey Christensen said...

Wowza! Those donuts pack a serious bacon punch...did they taste good? I'm all about new combos but I'm trying to imagine a potato base, fried in bacon and topped with Nutella. I think it's the potato part that's throwing me jury might be out on that one! Still being without access to the Cooking Channel, I missed your big after party with Aarti...gotta admit, I was a little bummed it didn't go to Tom.

I hate to tie up comment space with more about the NY F&W Fest, but the website leaves me with more questions than answers! So you can roam around sampling and mingling? The site mainly lays out the various demos you can purchase tickets to attend, but doesn't really spell out what goes on in between. Am I missing something? Or can you fill me in on what to expect? I can give you my email if that helps!

Sunny Anderson said...

mary, it's easy to keep a secret when you sign away your life lol. i hated even being in possession of the dvds of the show.

duo dishes, thanks! i agree, great win for her. anyone that goes through that deserves a try at a show. we'll see if any of the other contestants pop up with a show, eh?

lindsey, ok so i think you are right, the reason i said they were "dense" was a hint to the fluffy donut lovers that these wouldn't be for you. they were tight, but this wasn't a bad thing, maybe even the word "donut" is a misnomer. they were the texture of say a cake donut, but dry. and not a bad dry. hard to explain, i think they sat on set a bit too long. that being said we alllll devoured them, that should say enough. the holes were better because they were plump. and the bacon just totally permeated the whole situation. very good. and as for tom, he grew on my after the jealousy on a plate thing ... i finally saw that he meant it and put thought into it instead of just being a cool dude. i really like him, he is a fun, smart chef. we'll see ... if he wants it, it's still possible to get, the door is always open if you've stepped in, even if only for a second. that's my philosophy.

ok, about the festival ... look for a grand tasting ticket. lemme look real quick ... ok look at this this is the link to the grand tsting tix, pricey it seems, but if you do it right you'll stroll and bite and sip until you are full!! it's in a huge tent and the tables are set up with all small bites and samples as well as the vintners and liquor and beer. it's basically all anyone is doing, either eating or walking to another table to eat. there are also people giving out samples and stuff at different events, it's pretty cool. i'll put a post up this week or next with all the links and details.

Holly said...

There were so many talented NFNS contestants - I wonder if any of the others will end up with shows, either on Food Network, Cooking Channel or online? NFNS after-party looked like it was fun to shoot - and it was great to see a little extra Sunny on TV for a while! Did you all have a good time filming the after-party episodes?

Sue said...

Hi Sunny,
I'm so confused. I recorded the Aftershow on Tivo and then when I went to watch it, it was some show called Unique Eats. I was sooo disappointed and the guide thing even said it was the NFNS Aftershow. Weird, huh? I bet you were great.

I'm happy that Aarti won, but in the last 5 minutes of the show, I actually began rooting for Tom. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw him doing something on the Food Network.

Thanks for all the details. You're great at giving us the lowdown.

IsisRaen said...

I was so happy that Aarti won. She brings a unique perspective to the lineup. I'm excited to watch her premiere.

Sue: Sunny's after party wasn't on right after the finale, it was on an hour later.