Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Did you catch The View!?

Hey there! Well, it's not even been a week and I am still really happy about going on The View! Take a look if you missed it!!!

Did you want to watch the full episode? Click here ... The View - Victoria Beckham, Sunny and Bedbugs! :-)

All the ladies were so nice and as I explained to you in the post below, I was worried if Whoopi would make one of her cameo appearances during the segment. Imagine how crazy it felt to watch the show on Friday and see not only that, but Barbara Walters munchin' on one of my PB&J Pancakes! I didn't notice it during the taping because I was caught up in the moment on stage and I remember briefly seeing a monitor with Whoopi on it, but I find when things are live you are hyper-focused and often lose the details for the big picture right after it's over. Kind of hard to explain, it's like saying plenty of stuff consciously and knowingly, then two seconds later when the event is over, you are left wondering if you said all of what you think you said or if you thought to say some of it and didn't get a chance to. Better? I'm just trying to let you know how it feels for me. I'm hyper aware and there's a part of me so hyper aware that it is ready to speak and fill in the blanks at any moment, coupled with movements and other things your body needs to do, I have to say I don't know how to make it work, it just does. I say that because some people ask me when I meet them how I manage to cook, instruct, tell a story and look at the camera. The answer is, I have no idea, it just happens. Anyway, totally off topic, but to bring it back around, I had no memory of Barbara Walters noshin' on my goods, but I was so pleasantly surprised with it all. The video is below, I think my favorite part is when Sherri needed me to slow down on the pancake ingredients. She is hilarious! The yelling at Jeffrey, the beating the eggs joke, I can't believe how much fun it was in just a few minutes.

So, I didn't tell you but I went on a little vacation the day after I taped The View and ended up watching it air Friday with my guy and one of my best friends, just steps from the beach. I just got back today and although I've always made it a practice to go on vacation at least once a year, I've never had the occasion of doing that and watching myself on The View. It was truly a neat moment and I cried like a baby. I am so happy and I think it would be phony to act like all of this is totally normal or expected. This gives me another chance to urge you to chase the dream. Whatever it is, it can bring you some unexpected moments of happiness. I just enjoy cooking and sharing and talking about pretty much everything to anyone, it's what made radio so enjoyable for me. So, to do this job is truly rewarding. It's why I really mean it when I meet you and tell you thank you for watching and even here on the blog, thanks for reading. You are supporting a dreamer willing to do the work and I can't thank you enough.

Ok, stick around these parts because I still have cool information for anyone that has asked in the past about the bowls I use on Cooking for Real, details about them are one of the most asked questions and I have answers! Plus, more behind the scenes stuff from the most recent taping of Cooking for Real. I wrapped just a few weeks back and it looks like the first new episodes from that season begin airing in November. I ate and cooked comforting winter food all summer to prepare and write down my recipes for this new season, can't wait for you to see all the food!

P.S. "radiodugger" over at fnf - thanks, means plenty coming from someone in radio land :-).


tamilyn said...

Looks like you had fun with Sherri. She makes me laugh whenever I catch her on something. Do you have the recipe (in written form) somewhere? I think my college daughter who is starting to cook now that they have a kitchen in their dorm, would love it.

Thanks :)

Sunny Anderson said...

tamilyn, i had so much fun and like a wedding, it was over! i can send you a .doc file of the recipe if you need it. just send me your email address in comments and i'll shoot it to you or your daughter directly!

Jen said...

I saw you on the View! Awesome!! And Mmmm, those pancakes!!! I like pancakes when someone else makes them - but to eat my own I'm like "eh" - LOL! Do you have something that you like, but only when someone else makes it?

I found a cute little kitchen store here that I need to check out - everything in the window is so cute!! I'm sure I'll regret stepping foot in there because I'll want to buy everything! I need some cute bowls!

I hope you enjoyed your vacation! You deserved it!

Sue said...

Sunny, it's so great to see such a nice person doing so well, not to mention the fact that your recipes are great.

Thank you so much for sharing the View appearance. It was hilarious. I'm glad you were prepared for Whoopi snatching your food. She must have loved those muffins, because she came back for more.

Charles said...

Hi Sunny! I find winter food comfortng anytime of year, especially soups, stews, etc. One of my faves is from Rachael, (I'm only mentioning it cuz it's really good, sorry)...anyway it's her "double chicken dumpling stoup" and it's packaged gnocchi and you use ground chix to make little meatballs and of course chix stock. I add a ton of chopped fresh herbs to the chix balls and defrosted spinach as well and it's so healthy but you still get that comforting factor from a heavier soup. And it has your usual celery, carrots, onions, gaaaalic, ya know. I eat that one all year long. Sooooo, that said, I cannot absolutely wait for your new shows to start airing! Looking forward to see whatcha got cooking for us and to see what will become a future staple in my kitchen. Hope you had a nice mini-vaca, Sunny. Til' next time!

Complaint Department Manager said...

"Sunny" and "bedbugs". Never thought I'd see those used in the same sentence.

That is all I have to contribute...for now.

Sunny Anderson said...

jen, wooohoooo!!! i would have to say that the only thing i like more when someone else makes it is my grandma's red velvet cake, my mom's mac n cheese and my dad's roasted turkey. i share my dad's recipe on my thanksgiving ep this year! simple but the the tastiest ever! and about your kitchen store ... i always move to a new area ... take a walk and realize i have a kitchen store nearby. food people are taking over!! mine now, no joke ... is at the end of the block! it's an asian restaurant supply store and they even special ordered microplanes for me!! i zest like nobody's biz and run through them like crazy!

sue, thanks. i am just really thankful and understand how all things have to align in order for things to happen. i'm not in control of it all ... all i can do is work and work hard. and i've watched the clip a couple of times already myself, totally love whoopi coming back out!! i'm wondering who ate the other ones!? what a blast. glad you saw it!

charles, never apologize for bringin up miss RR :-)! she has been so nice to me and even more than that, i know from people at the network, she is a VERY hard worker. i totally respect her. and ita, i love love love eating comfort food all year round! even before i had to cook off season to prep for my shows, i'd find myself sneaking in a stew or casserole during the summer months! try my "steak soup", pretty good one i do year round.

complaint dept. mgr., ahem, i'll have you know i took a screen shot of the dvr description with the same lineup vic, me and bed bugs. it tickled me a bit, glad you caught my sly insertion of the obv. joke teeheehee. how have you been? chat with our friend much?

Anonymous said...

Hi there Sunny.
So glad that you have chased the dream down as I like to say. I feel totally safe in saying that you make us all proud and thank you for inviting us along for the's been great but I know that the best is still yet to come. Love you much!!!

Linda (B'Ham)

Charles said...

Ok, cool, I thought it might be rude to bring up another FN Talent on your message board. I'll definitely give that Steak Soup of yours a whirl, thanks Sunny. :)

Sunny Anderson said...

linda, i am a dream catcher!! lol. Like the oklahoma state flag! thanks so much for adding a string to the net i use to catch dreams!

Sunny Anderson said...

charles, naaaw, i love rache; and it's never rude to talk about ANY food here on the blog, doesn't matter who made it. not too many people i don't like. now as far as who likes me, i dunno ... but keep dolin out the love lol. try the steak soup and let me know if you like it!

Lys ~ Cooking In Stilettos said...

Ahhh - so I won't be pestering you with "Sunny, who made XYZ bowl in XYZ epi. anymore :)" hehe! Seriously, the FN Prop department would be dangerous for me - moreso than Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table *LOL*

I heard nothing but positive re: the View and now I can actually watch it for a few secs without interruption. Thanks for posting it!