Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Show - Chile Chile Bang Bang!

Hey there! Well, it's been a week, eh? The festival always has the effect of drinking while sitting, when you stand up (when it's over), that's when you feel it! It's full days of running around and packing in all that you can. I had a crazy good brunch last weekend with Holly from Random Cravings and her friend Steve to cap it off and I'll share some pics in a sec, but first ... today's new show!! BTW, Holly posted about our brunch too check it out!

Chile Chile Bang Bang is the newest addition to Season 8 of Cooking for Real and again, I had some fun with the title. I actually was reading Chelsea Handler's similarly named book while planning this episode and it hit me, I have plenty of chiles going on in this episode. Chiles in two different forms are in the main dish and the side, why not have fun with the play on words myself? So, although I know the original inspiration is a 1968 movie title Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, being born in 1975 and more of an old scary, not old kooky movie fan, I've never seen it. Hope you see my newest show, though. :-) It is scary how many ways you can fry a chicken (Chile-Lime Fried Chicken) and I did make some kooky changes to the classic Long Island Iced Tea with my Brooklyn Iced Tea. To round it out, I make my first cornbread on the show so far with my Bacon and Green Chile Cornbread. It's amazing how many shows I can go through and still have things I want to share from my home kitchen, feels like I have a jillion recipes.

I have some news ...
1. I just got picked up for Season 9 of Cooking for Real!! Thanks for watching! I can't do it without you!

2. I'm headed back to co-host all week on Martha Stewart's Sirius radio show Morning Living with Betsy Karetnick. This Monday through Friday tune in from 7am-10am eastern, if you have a tuner :-)! So glad to go back and hang out with the crew!

3. I had a brunch last week that I'm still thinking about this week, here's what I ordered ...Yes, I ordered two plates! On the left, a Fried Oyster Omelet with a side of bacon and on the right, Huevos Rancheros. This is a place on 1st Street and 1st Avenue here in NYC called Prune, but Seinfeld fans know this area as the Nexus of the Universe!Love Seinfeld! Here's a peak inside the Fried Oyster Omelet that was served with hot sauce (visible in the 1st picture) sweetened by powdered sugar ...
I have to tell you, fried oysters are like bacon to me, they make everything better. The people at Prune know how to make an egg too, there was not a spot of browning on either side of my omelet, high standards and a sign that the eggs would be fluffy and light. Boy, were they. I was enjoying myself and the current company so much I forgot that one of our expected brunchers stood us up! Seems the festival got to him and the early wake-up was a bit much, so I sent over this picture to show him what he was missin' ...
Teeheehee, he sent a reply that he was jealous and I went back to eating my two plates. I didn't finish them both, but there was definitely an emphasis on the oyster lol. I just wanted to taste both and was glad I did. I actually have plans to head back very soon, it was just that good. A bit of a wait for a seat, tiny tables, tiny dining room, but big flavor. That's what the Nexus of the Universe delivers!

4. Forget carving a pumpkin a year early, I actually made holiday cookies for December a month ago! Sign up for this year's 12 Days of Cookies and watch here in the next week or so, I'll give a preview of my cookie.

5. Did I mention ... NEW SHOW TODAY!!! :-) Cooking for Real: Chile Chile Bang Bang 12 noon eastern, 11am central! If you miss it today, catch it Monday at 4PM on Food Network!


Jen said...

Two plates - that's the way to go!

And cookies - oh they are for any time of year! :) They already started talking about playing Christmas music on the radio. I'm not ready for THAT, but bring on the cookies!

I have my DVR set for today's new episode :)

Congrats on Season 9!!! We're just as excited as you!!!

tamilyn said...

I just watched-looked delish!

Holly said...

Wow - thanks for the shout out, Sunny! That brunch was pretty fantastic - I'm still dreaming about the fried oyster omelets, too :-) I'm excited to see the new episode (I have to wait until Monday)...I remember that Brooklyn Iced Tea from your slider event in Atlantic City - it was SO good! Maybe I'll try to conquer my fear of frying with your Chile-Lime Fried Chicken ;-) And HUGE congrats on season 9!!

Rosetta said...

Hi, this is Rosetta. I saw today's episode of Cooking for Real and I can't wait to try both recipes! You took the cornbread to the next level when you poured the butter and sugar on top!!!! The chicken looked extra crunchy!! Yum! By the way I love your Lime Italian Ice recipe and have sort of revamped it for different fruits. That was my thing this summer...Keep up the good work!

Charles said...

Sunny, I'm gagging! I watched Bobby's new show on Cooking Channel today that I dvr'd and he made the most delicious looking Huevos Rancheros and my mouth's watering for it AGAIN after seeing your pic from your brunch. And the fried oyster omelet...yum! Everything is available in NYC it's not fair! ;) FYI, I'll be in NYC this month, (30th +31st), if your plans to go back to Prune happen to fall in that timeframe..(hint hint) Just sayin' :)

Congrats on Season 9!!! I know you thank us for watching, but I thank YOU! I also thank FN for bringing us talented cooks such as yourself to help us home cooks make great dishes and discover different foods and flavors that normally, I don't think we would be exposed to. I'm certainly going to be glued to see when you start taping again! (Aaaahhh I'm excited!!)

Maria said...


I want to make that chicken! I read that book as a little girl. What a great title, especially with the miners from Chile being rescued this week. And did you notice where the people who made the drill are from....SOMERSET!

I love how all the shows on Food Network this Saturday were about gameday foods. Fried Chicken from you, Sliders from 5 ingredient fix...all makes for yummy foods to bring to a game day party to treat your family to a fun Sunday. Thanks.


Cassandra Boston said...

Congratulations on season 9!!! I so want to try the Chile fried chicken. It sounds like it will remind me of this Chicken restaurant in the city that I live in(Fayetteville, Arkansas)that makes this chicken called fried chicken over coals. The chicken is seasoned with lemon pepper and other secret spices and then fried and smoked on the grill briefly. It's really good

Lindsey Christensen said...

Great chile show...that fried chicken almost had me driving to my nearest KFC for a fried fix! Also totally looovved your outfit on the Wonton Be Startin' show...those black skinnies and grey top, home run! Where are they from? I've never been a skinny jean kind of girl, but I'm thinking if I achieve the fitness goals I'm working towards, a pair of skinnies might be just the right reward to treat myself with. Oh! Last night I made stuffed peppers/stuffed tomatoes and tried your trick of putting the tops back on while baking ~ worked like a charm!!!

Sunny Anderson said...

jen, i didn't come to play, i came to eat! lol. hope you are liking the new eps!!

tamilyn, wooooohooo!!!

holly, of course :-). we bonded over a plate of fried oysters, i'd say that's food friends for life!!

rosetta, girrrrrl when the butter and sugar addition came into my life, cornbread became an event!!! thanks so much for watching and cooking for real at home!!! hope you like the new episodes!!

charles, bobby is THA MAN!!! he is sooo cool. always a nice when I see him. the BEST. i can't wait to get started on season 9! i've been transferring all my recipes from the last few months to my computer to pull all my eps together. looks pretty good!! hope you like em! hey, i tape in january! send me your email so i can get you linked up to sit in on a show!!

Sunny Anderson said...

maria, ha! i didn't even put the two chiles together. a couple of weeks later and no more new on the miners, eh? guess we'll hear from them again if a book ever happens. what a story! glad you liked the tailgating weekend on food network!

cassandra, YAAAAAAAY!!! thanks!!! the chile lime fried chicken is soooo good! i love it when i think up a new way to make fried chicken! i always tell people i'm taking over 1 fried chicken wing at a time!! and hey, i'm from fayetteville, nc :-). never been to fayetteville, ak. what's the big food thing there?

lindsey, thanks!!! the black jeggins are rocawear! pretty cool huh? i have to watch the show again to see where the black top is from. i say give the skinny jeans a try, you can pull them off! i've seen ya! i think they make my legs look longer and boots and shoes look great when the jeans stack.