Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The hot and cold of it ...

Hey there! I'm quiet over here because there's not much going on, so not much to post. I took some time off for the holidays, but wanted to share some body-warming inspiration if anyone just finished shoveling out of the snow like me. We had a blizzard a day late and a dollar short of Christmas! I can't even see my furniture in the back yard and we covered the plants just in time.
This is what's keeping me hot ...Irish Coffee always does the trick! Just sweeten some strong coffee with sugar, pour on some whiskey and top with whipped cream. Sounds crazy, but I stir and sip my hot Irish Coffee with a straw.
Take a look at what's keeping me cold ...
Plowing snow and orange juice in my outdoor fridge (a snow bank). That's our front sidewalk. This snowfall I didn't do the traditional straight line with rock salt. I decided make curves and zig-zags in the snow, very childish, but I like the final product. Very artsy. Lol. I think I'm one of the few people that actually LIKE to shovel snow. Same thing with vacuuming and cutting the grass, I think it's the lines and patterns. Either that or some crazy childhood re-programming. :-) Ok, take care and stick around for details on the next Season of Cooking for Real. I have stuff to share from recipe testing and I hear there's a change on my set??? I'll let you know, when I know :-) ...


All Things Yummy said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow.
Can't wait to see your set change.

Amy in SC said...

Hey Sunny - I need your recipe for collard greens! I jotted it down a week or so ago and now I cant find it! I noticed you didnt put any sugar in that recipe though, I think you said you were adding the cider vinegar for sweetness...wonder if a tbsp sugar will hurt? Off to check the Food Network site. But if you like you can come to my house and just make them for me! I'm in SC and it is supposed to be 70 New Year's Day! We can sit on the deck!

Yes, we got about 2" snow Dec 26, so naturally a week later it will be 70 degrees! Are you kidding? Youre a SC girl too right?

Happy New Year!

Jen @ OneCurlyFry said...

I thought the snow came at a great time. At least I didn't have to walk to work in it the next day :)

As for the change on the set...I'm hoping you have a new fridge so I can have the one currently there? :) LOL!

sbrtir said...

Hey Sunny...after seeing your pictures, I wish I could be there to help you with snow art. Hope you have gotten some of my other comments..waiting to hear from you. Keep up the good work on "Cooking for Real" I love you and your show!! By the way, this is Toby from Jacksonville.

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey,
I took some time off as well; hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and are preparing for the most prosperous New Year possible. Believe it or not we had a white Christmas in the B'ham as well (I claim B'ham because that's where I'm from but we live in the burbs in a place called Pleasant Grove). Really nice because we got to experience it without having to pull up the sidewalks. :) You know how the South isn't prepared for that stuff y'all get. :) Mom use to say never say that you can't wait, so I've gotta say that I can hardly wait to see what's in store for this coming season; I know it's gonna be money because you've touched it. Love you much!

Linda (B'ham)

Ramona said...

Hey Sunny! I watch your show all the time and the cook in me lives vicariously through your show. LOL

I tried some of your recicpes over the holidays and they were mag-glorious "I know not a word". The coffee rub didn't work for me:( -- Girl I added some extra stuff being creative. But its all good. And the chinese dougnuts were to die for. I ate them with homemadee pepper jelly.

Oh, I just requested you for the Metropolitan Cooking Show in November -- Pleae visit us in DC!!! Just wanted to send some love!

Oh and I was looking for a Salmon suger kind of recipe you did awhile back and couldn't find it. I think it was Hawaiian.

Take care,

Washington, DC
Romona Morton

Tammy W said...

Brr... No snow here in Texas. I am so glad I found your blog!!!

Lys said...

Happy Holidays Sunny - now, that's a familiar bottle in the background. One can never go wrong with Makers Mark :)

Love the optimization of the snow to chill the juice - smart thinking!

Miss Bronze said...

Hi! I want to buy your show on DVD, where can I get it? I've checked Amazon and the Food Network website, but it wasn't available... also, what kind of fridge do you have on your set (it's see-through!) I love it!! =) And last but not least can you recommend a blender for great smoothies? Thanks & Happy Holidays!

Maria said...

Lots of snow in NYC, we hiked around Manhattan on the 30th. Lots of slush puddles. My brother lives on a street in Queens that didn't see a plow for a few days.

Looking forward to your new season and set and fun new recipes.

Anonymous said...

I live in Flushing, Queens and I have never felt so 'snowed in'! Got my nails done today and they had Last Supper on--omg---I have been going to Zum's for over 25 years. I always get a cup of goulash and the jaegerschnitzel with a shot of kroatzbiere at the end of 'the feast' to warm my belly after eating tremendous amounts of food!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried German food all across the country and have never tasted anything so delicious as Zum's!!!

Anne Marie

Stefanie said...

That drink looks amazing.

Sunny Anderson said...

all things yummy, and it's still here!!! the city really dropped the ball on the cleanup!

amy in sc, just google "sunny anderson king's greens" or "sunny anderson greens" i bet you'll find it that way. the vinegar is really for tart and you can surely add a bit of sugar for sweet, but sparingly. things can go bad really fast :-). and yep! I'm a sc chick! ellorree to be exact!

jen, girrrrrrl i don't even know what the changes are exactly, but i think it's a counter extension for guests :-). i'll ask about old fridges and what we do with them though :-)

sbrtir, i had too much fun! my guy kept saying if i wasn't making zig zags that we'd be done faster and i had to tell him to relax ... he has a chick that LIKES to shovel snow lol. and OMG thanks for the christmas ornament!!! I didn't get a tree up this year because of vacay, but when I do next year I'll send you a pic of it in all it's glory!!! Sorry I missed you two!

linda, well i'm glad pleasant grove didn't get the blizzard we got! it was bad and a day late for a white christmas!! arrggh. happy new year linda!! let's go for another 12 months of fun!!

ramona, teeheehee. that coffee rub is one of my friend's favorite things right now. she has done it 4 times in the last month and each time she tells me about it! i finally sent her some more of my beef recipes for variety lol. sorry it didn't work for you. what did you add to it? it's a really delicate balance of sweet and heat. love the home made pepper jelly!! hope to see you in d.c. at your fest this year!

tammy w, i remember snow a few times in san antonio. it never stuck, but it was a neat event!! glad you found the blog too!! welcome to the smiles!

miss bronze, we had a dvd for sale about 2 years ago at target. i don't know if you can find it anymore, but give a look at hulu.com, they have plenty of full length shows! and as for the blender, there's a kitchenaid blender my guy got me for christmas 2 years ago, alllll i do is smoothies in it, ice chopping is still on point! it was about 79 bux. nothing fancy. he got it at macy's.

maria, "hiked" lol, spoken like a true new yorker stuck in the snow. a mess huh? i think there will be some litigation after this snow melts.

anne marie, wasn't our snow crazy!? i mean to not get our street plowed for 3 days was a bit much. i do think there's a bit of a push-back from someone in the chain of command. wonder what will happen and who will take the fall.

stefanie, thanks :-). just coffee, sugar, whisky and whipped cream.