Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First things first ...

Happy New Year! I'm a few days late and a holla short :-). I hope you started off the year with a bang! I'm in high gear after the blizzard and I've started the year with plenty of work. Before I start to share I just wanted to say one thing FIRST ...


Just before New Year's Eve I got word from my friends at Kenmore that we reached the goal of 250,000 cookies sent to the troops overseas for the holiday! Baking for the Troops was a huge success!! I don't know if you can imagine how much this means to me. It was just one day of press and me here on the blog asking you to spread the word and YOU did it! You got us on other blogs and in the paper!! Because of that many soldiers, airmen, marines, national guard and seamen got cookies for the holidays and $50,000 was donated to Heroes at Home Wish Registry. This is pretty major and I just wanted to say thank you. I knew with your hearts that the clicks would happen, but I didn't know how long it would take, but we got it done just in time!! Thanks again!

I hope you started off the year with a rush of renewal. I'm working on clearing a room just for my cats (don't call me a cat lady lol, I just have a heart for rescues), I'm finalizing recipes for Season 9 of Cooking for Real, tomorrow I shoot some tape with my best friend here for a yet-to-be-mentioned television thingy and Thursday I head to Washington D.C. to hang out with the ladies of N Street Village and dinner with a friend. Phew!

Then a question for you, my dear blog reader ... When I go on vacation, many times they are food vacations. I love to cook and eat while I'm abroad. I usually save those trips for me, pics, stories and all. Mainly because I know to some telling you about my down time activities may be too much, or even seen as a bit frivolous. The downside, I feel you miss some of the food discovery I'm going through ... all really courtesy of you. Like the one time I bought 2 15-pound lobster tails! For just a dollar a pound!!! I still look at the pictures of them fresh and cooked and marvel at the size and flavor! So question, and let me know in comments ... would it bother you to see pics from vacation if they are food related? Over the holidays I was reading perezhilton.com (don't pick on me teeheehee) and he took a trip to countries in the Middle East and Africa while sharing those pictures and stories. It had nothing to do with his blog, but he shared it and for some reason I actually liked it. Then I thought, why don't I share? I'm not perezhilton.com, but I have a blog :-). So, I'll go by opinion. This is your space just as much as it's mine. I have big plans for the website and blog this year so this is just another way to figure out what works for you and what doesn't. So let me know your opinion.

In the meantime, fish DOES fry in the kitchen :-) ...
Beans don't burn on the grill ... Now if I could just get that DEEEEELuxe apartment in the skyyyyy-yyyy-yyyy!!! :-) Happy New Year!!


Jen @ OneCurlyFry said...

Happy New Year!! I knew that Baking for the Troops would be a huge success and I'm so happy the goal was met! Way to go!!

I don't know about anyone else, but I'd LOVE to see food vacation pics!! And where on earth did you get the lobsters for $1 a pound?! I just spent $35 on 1 pound of lobster tails to make a Lobster Risotto! Will travel for lobster! :)

It's good to hear from you! Glad you aren't buried in snow anymore!!

Tammy W said...

Sunny, that is the difference between a blog and a website in my opinion. You put whatever YOU want on your blog. Your blog readers read your blog because they are interested in what you think, like, say... Web sites (ie. Food network, etc.) is more "professional" and should stick more to what is "expected". I personally would totally love to hear about more of your fantastic travels and foodie finds. As a working mom of six I do not get to travel much or eat out much so it would certainly interest me.

By the way, you Rock!

Holly said...

Happy New Year Sunny! I can't speak for anyone else, but I would LOVE to see your "foodie" pics from vacation - I love to see what other people discover during their travels! Sometimes it gives me ideas for our own family vacations, or ideas for new recipes I want to try. (Then again, I guess I'm a bit of a food photography nut myself - I'm currently sorting through the huge amount of food pics I just took during our New Year's trip!)

Eric said...

Sunny when are you coming to Atlanta? Everytime I look at your Blog I get hungry :)

Latoya Hash/Roanoke Va said...

Sunny--I would love to hear about your food vacations. Perhaps if we ever visit the same places we would know whats good and whats not. I would love to eat like the Chef!! :)

Maria said...

1st: I think vacation pics and blogging on the places you visit would be really incredible. Hopefully not too much work for you. When I read about your week, I feel exhausted. I don't know how you keep going.

2nd: really looking forward to season 9!!!

3rd: My cousin got me food network magazine for Christmas. best magazine ever!

4th: Glad the goal was reached for the cookies. I kept checking back to the website to see how it was progressing.

5th: I love the Jefferson's reference at the end of your blog. Too cool.

Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

I think pics from you vacation would be great. I'm a foodie jr so I would love to see your food finds. :-)

Diego said...

I live in Washington, DC and I am huge fan of yours. I read on your blog that you're going to be in DC tomorrow, I would love to attend any event you're hosting Thursday.

Skinnamon Coast said...

I watch you every Saturday-haven't tried any recipes yet! LOL! but I find cooking shows relaxing for some reason. Was looking over my blog cocoapopps.com and remembered your comment on my piece


Thanks for your support-and I would LOVE to interview you! If you are interested email me at cocoa.popps@yahoo.com please

Happy New Year!

Diego said...

Is your event in DC tom. open to the general public?

Jen said...

I would love to hear about your food adventures while on vacay! Pictures too :)

Cooking For Real is my favorite!

Cassandra Boston said...

Happy New Year Sunny! I would love to see your vacation pictures. I think it's great that you want to share the pictures with your fans. You always tell great descriptive stories so the pictures will be just add to them.

The CDM said...

First, let me clue ya in on something I learned long ago: It's your blog, your rules.

You go ahead and post those pics REGARDLESS of the occasion, ya hearrrrrrrd?

Second, and more importantly, what inspired the Jefferson's homage? I'm just curious.

Lindsey Christensen said...

Happy new year! Hope your vacay was wonderfully relaxing. Would love to read your stories and see your pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart,
I pray all is well with you and yours and I know that this year only has more great surprises in store for you. I, for one, would love to read stories and view pics of your food vacations. I love your GOD given talent (hint Ted Williams) for story telling. You know I've mentioned to you more than once, I see a book in the future for you. (at the risk of sounding like Ms. Cleo or somebody). Just know that we love you and this blog and you are nothing if not interesting. Love you much and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!. Getting ready for 6-10 inches of the white stuff here. :)

Linda (B'ham)

Sunny Anderson said...

jen, happy new year!!! thanks for spreading the word about baking for the troops! and those lobster tails still haunt me!! i bought them on the peir in winding bay, on eleuthera island in the bahamas. when the guy said $1 a pound, i looked at him like, uhhhh are you sure? lol. but quickly just said yes before he realized he could charge me more. those babies smoked in the grill, then I cracked them open and basted them the rest of the way to flavortown as guy would say lol.

tammy w, upon reflection and looking at all the comments, ita. you are so right. i guess i just don't want you guys to get bored or think it's over sharing. thanks so much for sharing your opinion, it counts and you'll see with the next post.

holly, girl, you already know i will send you a pic of that craaaaazy lobster tail via email, but now i feel comfy sharing vacay stuff with everyone. happy new year!!

eric, i am coming to atlanta as soon as they put a chicken and waffles spot in the airport lol. no just kidding, i have to get down there so i can run in to some of the housewives!!

latoya, i hear ya loud and clear! i promise to share vacay pics from now on. i feel bad now, like i was holding out :-(

maria, happy new year!! 1. i'll post them from now on. and it is a bit of work, but not too much. i think i'll just post them after vacay is over rather that as it happens. 2. yaaaaaay!!! same here, hope you like it! 3. isn't it? it's like a cookbook every month. 4. same here, thanks so much for the clicks! 5. teeheehee ... i wish i had a pci of beans burnin on a grill!!

hoteeksauce, teeheehee "foodie jr." LOVE it! welcome to the blog!!! your voice counts and i plan to share vacay pics from now on ...

diego, i just got this :-(, i'm actually on the train back from D.C. now. next time! sorry we missed each other.

skinnamon coast, love the name! welcome to the blog. thanks so much for watching, no need to always eat for real if you watch cooking for real. part of the goal is to just get you excited about food and i can tell you already are! you can always interview me for the blog. i'll send contact info for food network shortly.

jen, yaaaay!! ok, pics on the way!!!

cassandra boston, happy new year back atcha!!!! gotta tell ya, you don't feel like a fan, more like a partner in "like" teeheehee, we like the same stuff. so here we find ourselves in touch with each other. i feel wack for holding out on vacation now :-(, mostly because you may like some of the other stuff going on in these parts.

the cdm, HAPPY NEW YEAR my partner in pun and jokes :-). and the jefferson's is always on my mind, i do the george walk down the street all the time, while my boyfriend quickly crosses the street to act like he doesn't know me lol

Charles said...

Hey Sunny, did you ever get my email address? I think I've sent it through like, three times now LOL.. but I noticed on the post before this that my comments weren't posted and it may be because my email addy was in my post. I was just curious if you have begun taping yet because I am dyiiiiiing ova here to come sit in on a taping. Even Tremaine was like, "Weren't we supposed to go see Sunny in action this month?" LOL I know your one busy lady and I hate to be a pain but thought I'd see what's going on with that. Thanks Sunny!

Dolphinfanhg said...

I see I am not the only one that would love to read about your foodie travels! I think that's how foodies bond, lol! I wanna see what you are eatin', where you got it, and hear all about it! You have such a way with words, I know I will be drooling after every post!
Can't wait to see what you have in store for the website and blog this year, and hope to run into you at SBWFF againt his year!

LindaHensens said...

Hey Sunny!

Of course I would want to read about your vacation's no matter if food is the crux of the trip or not! I can live vicariously through you! :) Seriously, my husband is from the Netherlands, and if you ever get a chance to go there, you can find some incredible food over there! ESPECIALLY their dairy products and veggies.. Ha! Don't eat a burger over there though. Those are really, really terrible. Trust me on that one. Even my husband told me not to order it when we went together in 2002. He said that in comparison to American burgers the ones available there are really horrible. He was right, and I should have listened to him. ***Shudder at that memory***

On the flip side, they have some of the best tasting ice cream that I have EVER ate in my entire life. Ditto on the cheese as well. We went over in 2002, and every 10 years they have a show in Amsterdam called the Floriad where they showcase miles and miles of different type of flowers and plants. I took 6 rolls of film that day, and walked so much I just about DIED when we were finished. I believe it is about 5 miles of walking through various exhibits with food, flowers, plants, really cool vendors, etc.. I think you would love it if you have not ever been to this show!

Anyway, please do tell us all about your adventures.. I, for one, would love to read all about whatever you do.

Thanks in advance for sharing.. :)
Linda in NC

Samantha said...

yes, please put what YOU want to put on your blog! i love reading about other people's lives - i think a lot of people are curious, too. and of course, i think everyone would love to hear about your food adventures! i think it's tragic when people travel to other places but do not embrace the food! so share, share, share! :)

jacque said...

Hi Sunny!
I am a huge fun of your show and I just love the personality and life you bring to Food Network! I just finished reading your interview from Airman
(Jan/Feb 2011) Magazine and I was so impressed with your experiences and foundations you gained from your time in the military. Also, thank you for leading Baking for the Troops -- we are so happy it was such an awesome success! As a military member myself, stationed at Holloman AFB, NM, I have a unique question/opportunity I would like to present to you :) The Holloman
AFB Dining Facility would love for you to come and cook with the Airmen! Every day we feed hundreds of Airmen at home and when we deploy, having a chef with your experience and skill would bring so much joy and excitement to the whole base! Any ideas or feedback would be so greatly appreciated, we know you are a busy lady with a hit TV show, so we are just extending the invitation to you!

Thank you for your time and for reading this!

Huge Fan


snowsam said...

hey sunny i love ur show i tivo it all the time and try these receipes, on the fish, what kind of beer do we need to use i dont so im not sure, but they sure do look tasty

Anonymous said...


I watch your show all the time on food network in Canada. I love your show and your sparkling personality. I'm only upset I didn't find this blog before!!


it's a recession. reading your foodie adventures means I can live vicariously through you. LOL

I hope one day you can make it up to Toronto for an appearance, because I would be the first one in line!!!

Priscilla said...

Hi Sunny, I am a new fan and have just started watching your TV show. I love it and love your style. Keep up the good work and so glad I found you and your blog.

City Girl to Country Girl said...

Hi Sunny!

I'm a big fan of your cooking show! Are you planning on releasing a cookbook anytime soon?

City Girl to Country Girl

Corey D said...


As a young adult in college who has plans to one day live abroad and have the means to travel like you are able to, I would love to hear about your vacation stories and learn of your far away food finds. It would serve as a source of inspiration to those like myself who wish to do the same one day! THANKS!!!