Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chili's Done! Bring on the game!!

Well, I'm done prepping for tomorrow's game! On my menu, Beer Punch, Nachos with an Irish Cheddar-Horseradish Cheese Sauce, Fried Chicken Wings tossed with a BBQ Rub and Wine and Dine Chili. Most of those are new recipes I'm currently developing in my kitchen. Here's tonight's work ... the chili as it begins ...That's the flavor base full of veggies, spices, herbs and tomato paste. Things got a bit hot in the pot, so in a hurry instead of adding the planned stock in the fridge a few steps away, I had to pour on the closest thing to deglaze and it was a bottle of wine. I was just enjoying an 8oz pour while prepping the chili, love it when these little things happen to take a recipe down a different avenue. That's when I decided to call it "Wine and Dine Chili". I added the rest of the ingredients, let it simmer for a bit then took this pic before I covered it and put it in the fridge ...It tasted great an hour or so ago, but I can't wait to taste it during half-time tomorrow!! I just thought I'd post this late right after I finished just in case you are up like me tonight working on your party tomorrow and looking around on the internet between stirs. Have fun and enjoy the games and the commercials!!


Brad said...

Wow, now I know why the Today Show picked you to judge their chili event!

Holly said...

Mmmmm! That chili looks and sounds great - I love the little changes that fate sometimes brings to a recipe, and the bottle of wine sounds like a great addition! I'm up early to make dessert for the Superbowl party we will be heading to tonight - Marshmallow Mud Squares (layer of brownie, layer of toasted marshmallows, topped with a layer of chocolate frosting) - have fun watching and eating tonight!

Laura said...

This chili looks amazing!!! This morning i went to foodnetwork to make get the recipe for your spicy mac and cheese, i'm overly excited to make it this week!!! :) love all your food!!!