Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday was sweet!

Hey there! Hope you got a chance to tune in yesterday on Martha Stewart Living Radio over at Sirius/XM! Get a free trial here and tune in today! I'm on today from 1-4PM! Yesterday, Adam Richman and Badlands Booker stopped by as my first guests and I challenged them to eat some of my Halloween candy lol. I'm stupid, but it was fun and I'm sending their charities a check ...We had plenty of fun and found out Adam has a new show on the way and Badlands has a date with a King Cake, or two, or three in Atlantic City soon. Tune in today, I have plenty of guests and I'm kicking it off with Robert Irvine!


Anonymous said...


Is there a way to email you. I wanted to share an inspirational letter with you.


Lene said...

awwww. i wish i caught the show. i'm gonna check if the archive it.

i watch "cooking for real" and "man v. food" every week day up here in toronto.

i love the love and humour you and adam bring to your respective shows. i would love to hang out with yall because you seem like down to earth people.

Cassandra Boston said...

OMG! I remember Badlands Booker from Wife Swap. I think I laughed the entire time because the new wife was a fitness trainer. She was trying to get him to change his eating habits. I guess she didn't succeed.

Foodie Finder NYC said...

Hi Sunny,

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Michael Crawbuck