Monday, February 14, 2011

A week with Martha! (almost)

Hey there! I've been a bit slow on posting and replying to comments, but I see pics of my finished spread for the big game are requested, so I'll post them at the end of this.

First, news to share! If you have a Sirius/XM receiver, tune in this week to catch me on Martha Stewart's radio station(if not, click here for a free trial!!!). I'm filling in during the afternoon drive all week long, except Wednesday. In the past I've stopped by for interviews and even co-hosted with Betsy on Martha's Morning Living show. This time I'm all alone so I have some great guests coming by. It's a tricky schedule, so I'll list it in a second, but can you believe I'm Martha material? Yes, I garden, but it's considerably messier. I obviously love to cook and I'm constantly doing stuff around the house. Some call it nesting, but I don't really think of it as that. I just like to constantly make things better. Anyway, I'm happy to be asked back because radio is like second nature to me, so it's a breeze and I'd love to talk and have conversation. It's a talk station, I asked if we could play music and it looks like snippets, but not whole songs. Should be fun! I like to think there are people like me out there, totally Martha inside :-), but a bit rough around the edges, ahem real - like Cooking for Real :-). It's not always pretty, but it gets done, right? Ok, here's the schedule for today and the rest of the week:

Monday 1-4PM
Tuesday 1-4PM
Off Wednesday
Thursday 2-4PM
Friday 1-4PM

Today's guests include; Man vs. Food host and author Adam Richman, competitive eater Badlands Booker, Lee Schrager, Debi Mazar, her hubby Gabriele Corcos and more! Stick around for updates.

Ok, week-late game day food flicks ... this is my counter top turkey fryer moonlighting as a wing fryer ...
I made like 20 per batch so they would always be hot when served. I made 3 different types ...That's a spicy honey BBQ sauce I whip up. Then a simple blend of honey and dijon mustard ...
And the third was a new recipe I worked on the night before. Wings tossed in a BBQ dry rub ...
I liked them all, but my new favorite is the last one ...
They taste like a sweet BBQ potato chip, down to the powder left on your fingers for licking! Can't wait to share the recipe with you on a show or in print somewhere :-). Then, here's the layered queso dip I made ...
Plus, I made the chili the day before and wrote about it here.
And what is a party without drinks???
That's a watermelon drink I made by just blitzing melon chunks and running it through a sieve. I toss the solids and sweeten the juice and add some lime juice, then I shake with tequila, pour over ice and top with lemon-lime soda. Pretty darn refreshing!!

Ok, sign up for a free trial and tune in to Martha Stewart's channel today on Sirius/XM!


Jen @ OneCurlyFry said...

Hey girl! I'll definitely tune in - I subscribed to Sirius/XM because we got a Satellite Radio thing at home so I can listen to music in the kitchen while I cook. So I'll be listening this week at work from my computer!

And you know what NEXT week is!!! I'll be in touch :)

The Duo Dishes said...

Oh! Those clean bones say it all. lol Congrats on the Sirius radio fill in! That's amazing. You'll rock it out of course!

Maria said...

Wish I had Sirius radio. I'm sure that you'll be entertaining and Martha and crew were smart to get you. It must make for an interesting week for you.

The dry rub sounds like a good idea. I have never made hot wings, can you imagine? I'll have to give it a try. velvet brownies a huge hit. Kate and I made some chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day. Hope your honey treated you right!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ocajunally said...

OMG, Sunny!!! The wings look fabulous but i can't wait to see the look on my grocer's face when I am asking him for watermelon in Febuary! I have to have me some of THAT!!! That's a make-sure-your-husband-drives-you-to-the-girlfriend's-house-party drink cause you are gonna call him to pick you up anyway! You and Adam make a great team! Good luck the rest of the week on Martha Stewart!

Rhonda Morrison

Lene said...

congrats on the radio show! hopefully, you'll get amazing response, and they will make it permanent. :)

i love the spread too. those dry rub wings look mouth watering. i wish there was technology where we could grab food through the screen.

keep up the great work!!!

Lindsey Christensen said...

I. Want. Those. Wings. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get in my belly!!!!