Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Cooking for Real Saturday!! Filling up with Fish!

Hey there! I'm up and ready to brave the heat if only for a few minutes during my morning errands. I'll be back just in time to watch the newest Cooking for Real with ya! Hope you'll join me. It's called "Filling up with Fish" and as the title says, I am gonna fill you up with something that always seems like a light meal, but almost never feels "comforting". So, I add some body to the pot and end up with a healthy meal that makes you feel stuffed!! Hope you like it!!!

Cooking for Real 10 am Food Network!!!


Jenneil said...

I got you on DVR girl...I also follow you on twitter and I seen the link for your BBQ Chicken Pizza and I have to try that...But when is the Cookbook coming...I need that in my kitchen...Hook a sister up Sunny...LOL

Chris from PA said...

Hi Sunny, Great show this morning. Tuesday after Atlantic City have a pot luck picnic at the American Legion Auxiliary and had no idea what to bring. Wow, your fruit salad is just perfect. How great and easy for a summer get together. Thanks as always for some new great recipes. See you on the roof top at Caesar's pool next Saturday, have a good week till then. Chris from PA

4inMO said...

I've just discovered you! (What can I say; I've always been a late bloomer!) I LOVED everything about your show...your cooking, your personality. Your passion for food and love of what you do is so "real", aptly named show for many reasons I'd say. ;)

feecollins said...

Hi Sunny, I can't wait to try the Fish Stew. It looked so good! By the way, I loved that top you were wearing on that episode. Where is it from? Where do you shop?


Sunny Anderson said...

jenneil, yaaay!! thanks for the dvr!! i am pushing the book as my priotrity right now, takes time, but it is coming out!!!

chris, CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!

4inMO, late to the party is fashionable!! :-) congrats at being something i work hard at teeheehee!!! thanks for finding me!! so happy you are here!! just smiles and dreams and food :-)

feecollins, Yaay!! The stew is so easy! you can add anything, mussels, shrimp. have fun!!! thanks so much for watching!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny! I'm Faith from San Antonio! Had no idea you went to Madison, when i was watching your show and you mentioned it I was so surprised! But I go to MacArthur, the rival ;)
Anyway cheers from SA!!!