Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Cooking for Real Saturday!! Carving Out Some Fun 8:30AM!

Hey there!! It's been a couple of weeks since a new Cooking for Real, but the weather is perfect for chili now so...Tomorrow (Saturday), catch a new episode I call "Carving Out Some Fun"!! This was a pretty easy menu for me to come up with. I always consider chili to be alone unless there are some kind of tortilla strips, chips or something along for the ride. So, one day I had some squash sitting around, It was cold and I felt like hooking the tortilla strips up with some easy warm flavors.

First I really beefed this chili up. It uses both ground chuck and chuck cubes! Meaty is an understatement!! I really like the texture and the chew, plus the slight sweetness and creamy texture of the squash really work here. If you are a chili person like me, this one is pretty hefty and great for foot ball watching. Pumpkin Spice is one of the things I buy and then try to use up. It's really versatile and goes well on sweet or savory dishes. So, it's in the chili aaaaaand on the tortilla chips. Don't worry, it's not an overload, but the right amount to be tasty and use up more of that spice that never seems to make it past pie.

Then, the shake. Have it loose, have it thick ... but the goal is to kill that box of sugary kiddie cereal!! Gives you permission to go buy another, eh? If you are in the Atlanta area, you have to go by Flip Burger and try the Capn Crunch Shake. It's a problem!!

Ok, here are the menu links!!

Beefy Butternut Squash Chili
Baked Pumpkin Spiced Tortilla Chips
Cereal Killer Shake

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Cooking for Real - Carving Out Some Fun - Saturday @ 830AM!!!

Stay tuned for details about the Food Network Live! event this holiday season!!

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Benjamin said...

Ms. Sunny -- Enjoyed today's new episode. I am always on the hunt for new chili recipes and never thought to try pumpkin pie spice on tortilla chips. Great idea.

About the Cereal Killer shake—drool—do I understand from the recipe that you don't really use the cereal-flavored milk in the shake? FOR SHAME.

Keep up the great work.