Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SLo Mo Slide Sho - "5 Thumbs Up!"

Welcome to my first ever Slo Mo Slide Show! On the way today are flicks from my time in the Food Network kitchens this week. Check in every other hour today for a new flick and you can scroll down for one's you may have missed.

#2. 5 Thumbs Up!

Hey hey hey!!!! Lookie heeeeere!!!!

Yup, the gravy made it into the episode! I just put myself in the pan's position and fought for the proper use of the bits leftover after all that saute action and it breezed through! Helps that it really got the thumbs up on taste from the whole team. So you are familiar because someone asked in the comments, the team not only gets to eat the test food, but I neeeed them to. They've tasted the good, the bad and the ugly and speak with honesty. Who better to get an opinion from before I give it up to the official show menu! There's my culinary producer (sarah), culinary prod. assistant and cool chick (jenna), the culinary gangsta of all things cuisine (santos), and our intern this time around is Alison. We all hang out in the kitchen, work my recipes and get work done with a smile. It is such a great work environment. Just today I met Sandra Lee in the kitchens, she was there shooting a news piece and came over to say hi between takes. She is such a sweetie and said she watches Cooking for Real and has wanted to meet me since she saw it! I told her how bad I felt when I had recipes with a store-bought element and the rest homemade, like I don't wanna step on toes and make anyone think I'm trying to be anyone else, I'm just doing what I do. Anyway, she was so sweet, she said to not worry and do whatever I feel, it isn't about her it's about the viewers. How sweet is that? She just has some real warmth to her, that's why she goes there for the viewers. I totally love the fun she has with her show, the costumes for holidays, cooking on outdoor set at events for her show, she just really brings it home for the viewer, imho. Didn't get a flick, I was too happy and it was too brief before she got called back to work.

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