Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slo Mo Slide Sho - "Sum of All Parts"

Welcome to my first ever Slo Mo Slide Show! On the way today are flicks from my time in the Food Network kitchens this week. Check in every other hour today for a new flick and you can scroll down for one's you may have missed.

#4. Sum of All Parts

Here are all the ingredients for a recipe I came up with on the fly. We were busy making what we wanted to be a side for another dish. Then we played with different proteins and when I took a fresh look at everything, I thought to suggest the new recipe. I explained it, made it and we tasted it. Turns out it's in the show now! I love recipes like this, ones that aren't deliberate. You are just cooking along and then !!BANG!! a new dish surfaces.
That's chorizo, salami, some roasted veggies in a yummy glaze, cheese and a green mystery :-) sauce. I brought some home and it disappeared in 2 seconds. I can't wait to share it. Speaking of, I'll post air dates of new episodes soon. The teeny paring knife in the flick is the newest addition to my cooking family. I used to treat my 10-inch wide like a paring knife and at length, de-stem tomatoes, remove the cores from bell peppers and such, but really ... it isn't the safest. So, I've finally reformed to the proper tool.


Darius T. Williams said...

Soooo - you mean to tell me, I'm not alone here?

I totally scramble eggs with a spoon or stir a huge pot of greens with a dinner fork. I mean, I totally reinvent the invention sometimes.

I did manage to buy a microplane to zest lemons and such - but the sucker works HORRIBLY. So, it's back to getting the zest off with a knife and mincing that sucker for my lemony limey citrusy essences.


Sunny Anderson said...

dtdub, in the words of our jerry curled michael jackson, "u r not alonnnnnne" :-). i scrample eggs with a whisk! like the texture better that way, and i feel you on the micro, get the long one, not the short fat one. (omg) the deal is the short one is good because it dimples in the center to pressure and the idea of getting zest is all about not getting to much of the peel, so this can kinda help you not go to the pith area, you know? if you do the stiff one, you gotta really know when to release that pressure. my observation on it, ita though ... makes you feel like it isn't even workin now i have a knife bag with 2 knives lol ... i have several other knives, they just aren't work horses, plus they aren't as sharp.